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2010-0524-vote4me-chrisDon’t we already feel powerless enough!

That’s right, I may have the right to vote, but with all the local advert shenanigans and corporate influence it seems like a meaningless effort.

And how many times do you need to call me in a day?  I’m not exaggerating about all the phone calls.  These politicians and political action committees are relentless.  Nothing better than a recorded message from a recorded politician begging for my vote so he or she can play in a game that essentially excludes me.  And what kind of crazy world do we live in where these backward politicos, believe like all spammers, that it’s perfectly okay to annoy me and waste my time.

Then there’s all this advertising hogwash about freedom and making America a better place.  Give me a break!  The messages sound like a “robot” politician with pre-programmed vocal gravitas.  Hey here’s an idea.  Give me freedom from robocalls and let me opt out of them?!  Give me freedom from money in politics relentlessly extorting truths and spinning lies.

If I had my way I’d let the politico spammers choke on their own TV ads.

So who do I call?  No one.  That’s right there is no one to call when it comes to politico spammers.  The National Do Not Call Registry provides no air cover.

Don’t politicians get it?  People hate robocalls and yet the phones keep ringing.

I wish my vote truly counted.  Then I’d take the names of everybody robocalling me and vote against them.  These self-centered asses who give not a whit about my privacy.  Can I call them at home during dinner and tell them what I want them to run on?  After they’re elected can I knock on their front door during their day off and bend their ear about what’s important to me?  Right… that would be annoying and a real pain!

That’s correct, they want time off and then some.  You get harassed on the internet and now we’re “bullied” by politico hacks who don’t take our privacy serious.

That’s how far we’ve come…

Photo courtesy of Rob Smith Jr.

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vlam2014_lowresThere is about a week left before Election Day.

Remember motorcycle-only checkpoints?  Too much ethanol in gasoline?  Health insurance discrimination against motorcyclists?

There is and have been a wide variety of issues on Capitol Hill related to motorcycling.  Election Day choices will affect motorcyclists and that’s why it’s important for all of us to cast our ballots in the November general election.

The AMA Government Relations Department put together a guide for their members and you can access it (HERE) to take stock of where candidates stand on motorcycling issues as you decide how best to cast your ballots.

Some members in the winner-take-all government believe this wild ride on robot scooters from the guys at OK Go represent motorcycling at it’s finest…  a clever video, but they are clearly not masters of “wind in the face” road trips!

Photo courtesy of AMA.

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east_orlando_hdIt seems the state of Florida (chads, recounts, etc.,) throws a curveball during election years and yesterday was no exception. 

When voters arrived at Precinct 448 they lined up at the East Orlando HD dealer to cast their vote.  What?  I’ve been to this dealer and it’s a class act.  But I can now visualize a new marketing campaign in Harley’s future… SPECIAL: Oil changes while you vote

How could this happen?  It turns out that the Jessica Lunsford Act (aka “Jessica’s Law“) which was put in place three years ago to keep sex offenders and predators away from schools (where many voting precintcts are located) sent the Orange County elections office into a scramble to find alternative voting locations.  The HD dealer centralized location made for the perfect voting precinct and satisfied Jessica’s Law requirements.

WFTV Channel 9 reported that one voter stated…

” I thought it was kind of strange, then thought maybe I should buy a bike while I’m here.”

That’s a HD marketers dream come true and hat’s off to Harley who committed space for an important civic function.

Photo courtesy East Orlando HD.

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It’s official: just one day left until the political ads stop clogging up the airwaves!  As the presidential candidates dart across several states arguing that victory is at hand it’s only hours “My friends”, until we return to the endless barrage of Elvis crooning Viva Viagra and the talking heads covering the O.J. story, or what Britney revealed or the hunt for Florida toddler Caylee or…anti-sagging-pants mandates and city ordinances!

It has been the longest and most expensive presidential contest ever – maybe the best and worst of times – but, no matter who you voted for the winner of the election will inherit (in no particular order):

  1. 46M uninsured Americans (15% of the U.S. population)
  2. Unfinished construction of the 700 mile, $49B U.S. – Mexico border fence
  3. Home foreclosure at an all time high and a 23 year high of late mortgage payments
  4. 140,000 troops serving in Iraq and 30,000 in Afghanistan
  5. 26 states with constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and 2 (MA. and CA.) that don’t
  6. Oil consumption at 20.7M barrels per day – U.S. produces 8.5M barrels per day
  7. Customs and Border Protection processes over 1M passengers, 70K containers and 300K air, sea, and land vehicles per day
  8. TSA screens 2M passengers and nearly the same number of pieces of checked luggage per day
  9. Citizenship and Immigration Services conducts on average of 135K national security background checks per day
  10. NAFTA trade barriers which hurt Harley-Davidson

Frankly I’m feeling like a good neighbor.  I got involved, got connected, took local action with others in the community and voted.  I hope you do too.

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President Bush at Harley-Davidson

President Bush at Harley-Davidson

What the bleep?!

I’ve tried to avoid political innuendo’s or stump for candidates on this blog, but today is my one time post.

I could have jumped in and drove traffic up with that Jesse Jackson (off-air mic before Fox & Friends – re; Obama’s genitalia) or Whoopi Goldberg’s cultural language debate on the N-word, but obviously I didn’t. 

So, all this political correctness thrash got me thinking about who would be better for Harley-Davidson and the biker community if elected president?  We’ve certainly seen g’dubya Bush pontificate the benefits of free-trade as I’ve covered it in a previous post, but are there any patterns which might predict a direction?

One pattern that is clear is politicians love a “crisis.”  Heard about the “home crisis”, “mortgage crisis”, “financial crisis” or if not the crisis then have you heard about the “disaster”?  John McCain and Barack Obama both think that the government should bail out homeowners who can’t pay their mortgages. When they say the government should do this, they mean us the taxpayers, including those who are paying their mortgages. They also think the government should regulate the lending and investment industries further. 

Why?  Because “crisis” justifies making big government bigger.  I’m not sure about you, but I still see those Ditech commercials offering fixed-rate mortgages for 5.5% and my VISA seems to work just fine so, I don’t get the financial crisis.  But on to my point, which candidate is better…

John McCain

John McCain

McCain is a candidate of contradictions. He initially opposed President Bush’s tax cuts, but now supports making them permanent. He has crusaded against the influence of corporate lobbyists, yet has more K Street fixers raising money for his campaign than any other candidate. He says he’s a full-bore, free-enterprise capitalist even as he admits that he hasn’t understood economics as well as he should and is reading Alan Greenspan’s book!  He has been active on global warming, proposing a carbon trading system that was opposed by some in the oil and gas industries. He is also a supporter of increasing so-called CAFE standards for automobile emissions. He proposed sweeping anti-smoking legislation in the late 1990s that would have raised taxes on cigarettes, restricted the industry’s ability to advertise, and given the FDA broad new authority over tobacco companies. It’s estimated that it would cost the industry more than half a billion dollars over 25 years.  Looks like if McCain becomes President, Corporate America including Harley-Davidson’s choices aren’t very good.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

In contrast, Obama takes time to consult on the economy with billionaire Warren Buffett, who also supports his rolling back the Bush tax cuts.  This would likely benefit many of the people running big American companies.  He is proposing to raise taxes on capital gains and dividends by two-thirds, moving the rate up 10 points to 25%.  This would potentially curtail investment.  Obama would also let the Bush tax cuts expire allowing the top individual income tax rate to return to 39.6%.  Obama’s record in the Senate is rather thin, but he has sponsored bills from union labor to alternative fuel to the earned income tax credit.  In one move that was unpopular among business executives, Obama sponsored a bill to give shareholders a nonbinding proxy vote on executive pay. Obama voted for a free-trade pact with Peru that contained provisos to protect the Peruvian environment and Peruvian labor. That would be hard to take if you’re a U.S. business owner who wants costs to stay low in your new Peru operation. Obama also states  he would look to amend the NAFTA trade agreement to add similar protections to the Clinton-era pact.  This may well hurt Harley.

This isn’t exhaustive research on the candidates and both will likely have Corporate America sipping arsenic over their direction while wishing for alternative choices!  The future is never certain, but these “dudes” will continue to deliver their lines predictably.

I guess while we’re fantasizing about “alternative” choices, what we really need is a motorcycle that runs on politician lies.  Talk about mileage!

Bush photo courtesy Yorkblog.  Candidates photo’s courtesy of campain websites.

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