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In Oregon, when you purchase a custom motorcycle or Moped license plate for your ride the surcharge supports and benefits the Oregon passenger rail program.


What’s the Passenger Rail Program you ask?  It’s responsible for the planning and development of Oregon’s growing passenger rail service, including contracting for train and motorcoach service and supervising rail improvement projects within the federally designated High Speed Rail Corridor between Eugene and Portland.  You might recall that last year the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) allocated $8 Billion to jumpstart the development of improved high-speed intercity passenger rail service in the U.S. The Pacific Northwest Rail Corridor received $598 Million. Of that amount, Oregon was awarded $8 Million in the first round for three projects.

The custom motorcycle license plate surcharge provides this program even more financial resources.  However, for automobiles the Cultural plate surcharge supports The Oregon Cultural Trust.  The Crater Lake plate surcharge supports Crater Lake National Park.  The Salmon plate surcharge supports the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

It’s not clear how much the surcharge generates in annual fees for the program, but shouldn’t the motorcycle license plate surcharge support or benefit a MOTORCYCLE program?  Like maybe the Team Oregon motorcycle safety training program would be a logical recipient for custom plate fees?

Some motorcycle riders have experienced prejudice from other motorists, law enforcement, or insurance companies, but this is irrefutable proof of the anti-motorcycle prejudice built into the “Salem legislation system.”

Photo courtesy of Google Pictures.  Shout-out to Mike for the surcharge/fee link.

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Seahawks and 49er Game

Seahawks and 49er Game

I attended the season opener of the Seattle Seahawks  game yesterday and everything was perfect.  The weather was brilliant, the fans were loud, there were false-start penalties on back-to-back plays and early in the game the defensive tackle Craig Terrill picked up a fumble to return it for a touchdown.  How often does that happen? Yes, the 49ers were in danger of getting blown out.

But disintegrating into a steam of penalties, turnovers and just plain bad football – the 49er bad luck wouldn’t last forever and it was Joe Nedney’s 40 yard field goal in overtime that gave the 49ers a 33-30 victory.  It’s the first time the Seahawks have been 0-2 since 2002 and with their injury-depleted offense the defense just didn’t step it up after the 49ers converted play after big play in the second half.  Fans were stunned and 67,000 people were dead silent.

Seahawks Motorcycle Pin

Seahawks Motorcycle Pin

Seattle loves the Seahawks.  And Mike Holmgren loves his Harley.  He is often quoted about riding it across the desert outside his Arizona (offseason) home, but he certainly didn’t come back for his 10th and final season with the Seahawks to teach life lessons like this…I’m sure there was at least one point in the game where he had to be thinking I best take a ride on the Harley and enjoy the sights of a beautiful late summer afternoon!

Pin photo courtesy of Seattle teams site.

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