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Riding Down A Dirt Road

This is a sea change.  It’s some of the highest quality and best video story telling I believe Harley-Davidson has ever created – bar none.  Props to the marketing group and more importantly the agency, Campfire NYC, who are the creative storytelling folks behind this marketing experience.

The motor company has taken a unique and interesting approach on the motorcycle culture through the lens of its new “Harley-Davidson: The Ridebook.”

“The Ridebook” takes a look at the different people within the Harley culture.

The first video (HERE) in the series is about the Tomcats Barbershop in Brooklyn, NY.  Tomcats is co-owned by Joey Covington and Alex Melnichenko and has become the go-to place for motorcyclists to get 1950s-era haircuts.

Harley-Davidson plans to release a new video in “The Ridebook” series every week for the next five weeks.  The motor company described the “Ridebook” as:

“A riding manual from the voice of those few who cherish the search for a new scenery with the wind in their face. A glimpse into a stripped down lifestyle, free of the clutter and filled with style, quality, and the essentials.”

The next video in the “Ridebook” is called the HD Archive (By The Selvedge Yard), which will explore the Harley’s home in Milwaukee. Future videos include Bike Anatomy, Ghost Town U.S.A., H-D Vintage Fashion, and Open Air Playlist.

Watch the videos and be enlightened!

Dirt Road photo courtesy Hog Killers, Hawaiian Gardens, CA., Ridebook courtesy of H-D.

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