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Multiple Years of Hells Canyon Rally T-shirts

Multiple Years of Hells Canyon Rally T-shirts

A motorcycle t-shirt addiction!

If you are reading this post based on the title then you know I’ve completed the first step, acceptance!

It started out as a day of cleaning the closet and the dresser.  The t-shirts were categorized by:
  • Stack #1 — The newest Harley t-shirts (location based) that I frequently wear during the week
  • Stack #2 — T-shirts with some wear from various HOG events and motorcycle rallies
  • Stack #3 — T-shirts that have significant wear that I save up and pack for those long trips and then I’ll throw them out as I travel to lighten the load
  • Stack #4 — Long sleeve t-shirts only
  • Stack #5 — In the garage for oil clean up.  Typically they were gifted Sons of Anarchy (SOA) tee’s!
Various H.O.G. Rally T-shirts

Various H.O.G. Rally T-shirts

I’m no longer in denial, and have finally accepted that I have a propensity to purchase too many motorcycle t-shirts.  I’ve got several shelves and drawers in a dresser dedicated to everything from tank tops to long sleeve t-shirts.  I’m definitely flirting with excessive and now realize after my day of cleaning that I should just say no!  I could hit the road and wear each shirt and never do laundry for well over a month.

Do you have this problem?

I have t-shirts from so many H-D dealers around the world, then add in those from the various pubs, band/concerts, place-name t-shirts, and an original Big Lewbowski t-shirt that I can’t bring myself to ditch “The Dude.”

I can promise you that nearly any time I go somewhere on the motorcycle, I’m buying a t-shirt there. Why? Because it’s what I like to wear.  But, it also starts out as some regret because when I’m at a motorcycle event and I see a t-shirt that is out of the ordinary I’ll think about purchasing it.  It’s unique.  It’s a color of black that I don’t own!  The graphic design is interesting.  The compulsion is to buy the t-shirt, hope for a good fit after being washed and then add the particular t-shirt to my ever growing collection.

You just don’t understand the extra ordinary strength it takes for me to not buy a t-shirt these days.  In many instances t-shirts have been the only documentation of my rides, a recap of the journey or a memory on one of those bucket list highways.

You may think that it gets better with time, and that as I get older I wouldn’t feel the compulsion to have so many H-D t-shirts, but I am here to tell you that in fact it does not.

I’ve decided I have give up fighting it, and will now spend more time parting with the worn t-shirts by dropping them off at Goodwill or using some for doing a wax and shine on the bike.   Hopefully I’m making a fellow t-shirt “addict” a happier person.

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motorcycle fashion historyNo one can deny the huge impact that the American motorcycle and biker sub-culture has had on the fashion industry.

Motorcyclists spend a great deal of money and effort to find protective gear that looks fashionably good, but there is a small minority who tarnish the sport.  You know the type…  stick-on bunny ears on the helmet or the camouflage trousers and the faux Mohawk that should’ve stayed with the 90’s punk bands.

I’ve been on a clothing hiatus for a while, but back in 2009, I blogged at length about motorcycle fashions with… Limited Edition Clothing; Motorcycle Style; Dressed For Summer and the FXRG Jacket Road Test.  For all the hype fashion gets, it’s truly irrelevant and a way for the untalented to stand out.  Because if you’re talented, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?!

This week my friends over at Bennetts provided me an interesting visual graphic on the Evolution of Motorcycle Fashion & Clothing.  Check it out HERE and take a tour through motorcycle clothing history.  Who knows, it might even help you distinguish between clothing features that are pure fashion and those that have some genuine protective merit.

If however, you wake up in the morning with the desire to stick on a Mohawk or those bunny ears then it’s probably best that you hand over your motorcycle keys because you are about to make a motorcycle fashion faux pas.

Photo courtesy of www.bennetts.co.uk

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Come Up Seven Clothing Co.

Come Up Seven Clothing Co.

Jonny Pockets has often commented on this blog providing insightful commentary as I rant about various Harley topics.    He also has a great blog and I’ve invested time cruising his deep selection of unique photos posted on the site.

Now he’s about to make a boatload of money, pay a lot of taxes, hire a bunch of people, spend money on rent, equipment, services etc. and pay even more taxes as he busts his butt to get rich!

Entrepreneurs are needed these days and I hope the Come Up Seven Clothing Company gets obnoxiously rich.  Their idea came about in early 2009. Jonny was working as a graphic designer and was having issues with a few unsavory hacks who were “borrowing” his designs off the web and selling them as t-shirts.  Last May, Jonny rallied together with his buddy Mitch and started the Clothing company with the goal to create a brand and community that would represent their hometown of Portland, OR.  Their intent is to provide an outlet for creativity and social statements as well as reflect a lifestyle they mutually appreciate with passions around motorcycles, fashion, community, tattoos, art, music, and friendship.

Their Shop opened last month and this is going to be one to watch.  In this time of the “great recession” you can’t have too many t-shirts.

Photo courtesy of Come Up Seven Clothing.  Full disclosure: I have no involvement or investment in this company.

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DK_27Maybe you gained a few pounds drinking beer and waiting to take the bike out of winters deep freeze. 

So what do you do when that $32 Harley-Davidson t-shirt doesn’t fit and it no longer provides that ‘dirt bag’ duds menacing look? 

You obtain your Innercity Raiders [I.C.R.] and Deth Killers fashion statement which is a cross of Outlaw Motorcycle Club and Sex Pistols attitude wrapped in imported fabric.

Back in 2002, designers Jenn Dixon and Greg Minnig brought their metal-inspired vision to fashion and specifically to the motorcycle club scene.  Where art imitates life… the brand name (“Raiders and Killers”) were imagined Brooklyn motorcycle gangs locked in never-ending war that played out on clothing.   

Deth_KillersThe press and celebrities ate up the fashion—including small-time guys like David Bowie, U2, Bon Jovi, Matt Daman and others who commissioned the duo to design everything from tour costumes to casual wear.  But like most big acts after making it big they split up and disappeared.

However, they recently have reconciled the irreconcilable and are back in business with a new series of t-shirts to tell another story.  One where the Deth Killers are waging faux war for what’s left of the city.  Only 2,000 of each shirt are being made, to be sold in special packages that include trading cards, bubble gum, a bandanna, and a poster.  T-shirt price?  $125, which nowadays means you’ll be cashless while strutting your stuff.  And in case you were wondering: They’re “made on earth, of imported fabric.”

Brings a whole new meaning to ‘cool enough to wear when off the bike.’  Oh yeah, this is breaking news on the stuff that matters!

Photo courtesy of DethKillers.com, Lucky Lawler and Elissa Wiehn.

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