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The partners took an extraordinary low profile and didn’t want to be like other projects who banged the drum for support until a real plan came together.

But, the time has come to ‘shine a stronger light’ on a new racetrack being built a few hours north of Portland.  It’s time for motorcyclists to support this new race track facility in Mason County as the Ridge Motorsports Park project faces its last and final step: the special use permit hearing.

The hearing will be at 10AM on April 6th in the Mason County Commissioner’s chambers at 411 North Fifth Street, Shelton, WA. 98584. It will be in front of an independent Special Hearings Examiner, who will set the conditions under which the track can operate based on the testimony of the public hearing.

I want to encouraging as many people possible to show up and support Ridge Motorsports Park by attending the hearing. So come in force and let all the motorcycle groups know.  Getting as many people as possible to show support for the benefits of responsible usage of a new road course and drag strip facility is key.  The Special Hearings Examiner has ten days after the hearing to submit a ruling, after which construction can begin immediately!  If you are looking for more information there is a great write up at the WMRRA.

Please attend the hearing if you can.  Of not, then take a drive up to Shelton to show our collective spending power in the community and eat lunch at one the fine restaurants in downtown.  You might tell them why you’re eating lunch in Shelton and ask “Have you heard about the Ridge?

Thanks for all your support.

Photo courtesy of Ridge Motorsports.

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