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coupleWe’ve all made that poking fun comment… typically said to couples pawing at each other, engaged in heavy-duty lip smack and the lust scene makes you feel uncomfortable (or jealous).

Good news!   Best Western and Harley-Davidson have joined together to facilitate the intimate act!  The two companies announced they have extended their exclusive partnership to reward motorcycle riders with “enhanced” travel benefits.  Whether you’re about the journey or the destination – I’m talking motorcycle rides now – Best Western’s are all along America’s scenic roads, and cater to the unique travel needs of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Harley-Davidson owners can register for Best Western Ride Rewards HERE or calling 1-888-BW2BIKE.  Upon registering there is an assortment of rewards, amenities and status upgrades.  Check the site for qualifying details.  Our posse will often stay at a Best Western property because they’re “rider-friendly,” and we have access to a host of amenities, such as complimentary wipe-down rags.  Some offer access to a washing station and many have reserved parking spaces which makes unloading easier.

BW_AwardsAnd speaking of rides, if you’ve not used the H-D Ride Planner to help map out a ride I suggest giving it a go.  Due to the exclusive partnership with H-D the tool makes it easy to book a stay at a Best Western property as the locations are embedded into the trip planner.  However, my experience is the tool is U.S. centric and doesn’t provide much help for trips north of the border.  Canadian travel will require use of Google Maps or MapQuest.  In addition, Best Western’s are limited in the British Columbia province.

Photo courtesy Best Western and Flickr.

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