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Great Northwest Day For A Ride

Like many of you, I was going stir-crazy after being cooped up in the house for the better part of 15 days and started thinking about stacked switchbacks and rolling hills.  I was ready for a break, and decided to unplug and spend some time on the H-D.

I’m not sure what it is, but when I roll down the road with the wind in my face, I’ll get a whiff or a scent of something that reminds me of BBQ turkey legs grilling.  That inevitably leads to thinking about other deep fried delicacies, ice cold refreshments and some live music.

Today’s ride was no different.

With my mind wandering about Crisco, I mentally pivot to that time The Big Kahuna BBQ went to Sturgis.  I remember Jeff Stumpf, a big guy with an enormous grill that sounded like a flame-thrower, and could roast six whole hogs at a time.

Back in 2004, he loaded up his 7,500-pound, cast-iron barbecue pit on wheels and drove to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally dreaming of ‘get-rich’ plans.  He would sell 20,000 BBQ turkey legs and 4,000 ears of corn to the hungry bikers at the rally.

What could go wrong… a lot it seems.  A girl he hired to help was arrested for flashing her wares.  A guy he hired was also arrested and couldn’t bail out. Jeff was short-handed in a big way. His interesting Sturgis story is HERE.

But, I’ve digressed.

I do enjoy walking around in a crowd clutching a prehistoric-sized BBQ turkey leg as much as the next guy, but as a kind of ghostliness settles over the locked-down northwest, a turkey leg will have to wait.

Until then, it’s time to order up a tasty blend of hickory and applewood smoked meat on a stick from Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.  Take out only please and then an ice cold beer at home.   Mmm. Mmm.

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Jobless benefit seekers are up in the U.S. and new home sales have fallen, again.  It’s a persistent drum beat of bad news about the economic recovery.  Even the Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke has acknowledge that many factors are weighing down the U.S. economy and they don’t have an answer.  Nothing new… just another day of the same ‘ol same.

But, it’s time to ignore all that because today is the day for the annual H.O.G. Million Mile Monday (MMM) ride.  It’s time for a smile.

Today riders from around the world will ride in a quest to log millions of miles together.  So ride your motorcycle to work or lunch or just take off and fill the day up with the wind in your face.  Hey we all need a mental health day now and then, right?

The MMM website has more information HERE.  It’s not too late to participate today so take the time to ride today because every mile counts.

UPDATE: June 29 2011 – The Worldwide mileage count exceeded 43M miles.  Click HERE to see the actual results.

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