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NO thanks!  It’s a reference to Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski and the rift between the average Joe and state legislators which is now as wide as the Grand Canyon.

I woke up this morning disappointed, even a little discouraged and a whole butt load of resentment.

Why?  Well you see Multnomah county determined the future of the entire state by overtly influencing the outcome of Measure 66 and 67 which increases Oregon’s personal income tax rate and corporate taxes.  Sure the passage effects only the so-called  “high income” earners… it really should have been called the lets tax the “other guy” campaign.  But does anyone truly think for a second legislators will stop there?  NO! It will be only minutes before they start to whine about the next tax increase and the need to “save the children” and then it will be about going after the “kicker” law that rebates revenue surpluses.  And if you’re a betting person, there is money to be made if you bet on legislators who will silently work to LOWER the income bar on Measure 66 until all of us working at McD’s is considered to be a “high earner.”

Clearly the thing we will never hear from Salem is how they are making budget cuts like the rest of us in the state who are trying to survive salary reductions, layoffs and the recession.  It’s their ego and ARROGANCE which fuels my resentment.  These “tax and spend” legislators know only how to spend or make commitments to raise taxes.  Now they believe they’ve been given a mandate to raise taxes everywhere with Measure 66 passing.  They are ecstatic and will stop at nothing to satisfy their uncontrollable spending desires.

And if the lack of humility and blind arrogance wasn’t enough – the most egregious action by the people we put in office to represent us — our legislators — was making the Measure 66 tax increase retroactive to January 2009.  SURPRISE — A lot of people woke up this morning delinquent and owing back taxes to the state!  Get your check book ready.  In a state where 1-in-5 people can’t find work.  A state where 650,000 people are on food stamps.  Where there is record school-aged poverty and record mortgage defaults.  Yep, it takes a big EGO to submit tax increase legislation for all small businesses who create the jobs and increase the tax on the people who will invest in the state and then believe you are immune to any ramifications.

I previously posted that this tax increase will be the tipping point and likely shutter several motorcycle shops in the area. I hope I’m wrong.  All I can say is hang on.  For me?  In a word — Vancouver, WA. — it will likely be where my next home is located.

For the legislators?  I plan to set up the Taxation Addicts Anonymous outreach program.  Because after the next round of elections I anticipate there will be a large number of recovering addicts.

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