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Poker Table

Poker Table

We were up early in prep for a ride around Lake Tahoe.  The previous night of gambling and fun thru the early morning took a toll on the posse as several dropped out of the Lake ride in favor of a bit more sleep.

I have ridden around Lake Tahoe on previous Street Vibration trips and about mid way up Hwy 431 near the Galena Creek County Park I started shivering and I never stopped until I hit the hot tub at the hotel hours later!  But not today.  It was in the high 60’s with clear skies and our route included the “twisties”…winding roads with gentle, sweeping curves that had us feeling like a soaring bird. Tahoe is a motorcycle paradise. 

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

The scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe is hard to describe in words.  With its crystal clear blue waters surrounded by towering peaks it’s easily one of America’s most beautiful areas.  What’s interesting to me is the developer assault of this pristine landscape and the huge estates… sprinklers going on manicured watered lawns one can only imagine what the construction phase of these behemoths was like and the toll it is taking on nature.

Even being up early every time we stopped for a photo op we had tourists to my right, left and back, already… sigh.  Made it difficult to get that perfect landscape photo which will make me rich and I can retire.  Yes, Saturday was a busy day at Lake Tahoe.  Not only were there a lot of motorcycle riders and tourists, there was both a bicycle and marathon race around the Lake.

We wound our way down to Incline Village and the grandeur of this route touches all your senses. You observe deep valleys and the aroma of the forest fills your lungs…as the bikes keep coming.  The peaceful Washo Indians considered the Lake to be a spiritual site and conducted sacred ceremonies on the South Shore.

We headed south on Hwy 28 and made a quick caffeine stop in the village.  Afterward we made several stops along the shore line in the Tahoe State Park. The “edge of the lake” is a unique and special place. We connected with Hwy 50.  Once called the “Bonanza Road,” due to the influx of pioneers to the region in search of Silver.  We grabbed burgers at McP’s on the state line and then elected to head back to Reno. 

The number of events, crowds and traffic on this beautiful day was taking a toll on our patience and our time.  We decided to cut the tour short and returned via Hwy 207 thru Minden then headed north on US 395 back thru Carson City.

We grabbed dinner at the hotel buffet and ended the gambling night before midnight in prep for an early departure and 11 hour ride back to the northwest.

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