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UFC-HD2Could be you in the Milwaukee Octagon® on August 31st!

To be the “rage in the cage” and break into the UFC, you’ll need to network with industry insiders, gain a solid knowledge of backstage politics, hope for a little luck, have thick skin and prove that your fighting skills are the best in the world.

Or you could just enter the Harley-Davidson contest for an epic UFC throwdown to celebrate the 110th anniversary.  It looks like they’ve borrowed a lot of ideas from All Japan Pro Wrestling and flushed out a script with WWE “jobbers” to create an “anything can happen” entertainment show called the Harley-Davidson Hometown Throwdown event.  Clearly no sponsor of combat sports has done more by supporting a punch, a grab or a shin kick to the skull than Harley-Davidson.  You’ll want to thank Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson Marketing Director.

Maybe you’re an active proponent in the effort to keep Wrestling in the Olympics?  Or maybe you just like refreshments and the ringgirls?!  Whatever the case may be, you can enter the contest for a chance to win a Street Bob motorcycle and in addition the winner gets a VIP pass to the Harley-Davidson Hometown Throwdown event at UFC 164 at the Bradley Center on August 31st.  If you win you’ll also receive the highly valued fight training time with Cain Velasquez.

When you enter the site don’t forget to create your own gnarly custom designed 110th anniversary logo.  Because it will be painted in the Octagon for all the blood “sport” fans to see if you are worthy.

Photo courtesy of H-D and UFC

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