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It’s called the Harley-Davidson: Road Trip.

Visualize for a moment retirement homes all across America experiencing the roar of the V-Twin engine, the shine of the chrome and the feeling of power and freedom from a joy stick and from the comfort of a lounger!  The older crowd can switch from Wii-Fit to biker hoodlum in seconds!

It’s coming soon courtesy of Destineer,  a developer of family-friendly video games for game consoles. They partnered with Harley-Davidson to bring the ultimate cross-country adventure game exclusively to the Nintendo Wii system.  The game takes place from the seat of a H-D (choose one of six models) motorcycle and should you accept the mission you’ll be on a special assignment from HOG Magazine to chronicle a road trip across America.  Don’t worry the camera is included with the game.

Now some of you will get testy when I say the Wii is for “oldsters” and from what I’ve observed they are likely to be very sweaty oldsters at that!  However, the Wii console has been selling like discounted hot-cakes at the local Denny’s!  The people buying these systems are not hardcore gamers.  They are mainstream adults and amazingly, the elderly can’t seem to get enough.  It’s highly likely we will be reading in a couple months about a retirement home who was taken over by a trio of motorcycle oldsters battling it out over the best road trip across America.

I’m not sure if this is what H-D had in mind when they referred to reaching people who have never considered a motorcycle before while not alienating the core audience that grew up with the brand.

Full Disclosure:  I own a Wii console as it goes well with my White Russian, Big Lebowski bowling outfit!

Photo courtesy of H-D and Destineer Games.

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C&D Drive In

C&D Drive In

It was so easy to wake up this morning in LaGrande.

In the tent the night before inbetween the trains, the rain, the camp “traffic”, and general mummy bag discomfort I didn’t get a lot of sleep.  A couple times in the morning I just sat there in the tent, staring at the wall, not wanting to jump into the day, but today it was different.  Sure I obtained a very small taste of what those early pioneers had gone through to travel across this land, dealing with the weather and the harsh landscape, but today it was a shower followed with coffee in the motel lobby – sweet!

It wasn’t as cold this morning, but the rain followed us.  Over coffee we obtained guidance from the weather channel and called up some web sites on the iPhone.  It was dismal everywhere with large sections of intense rain.  We all agreed that riding most of day in rain was just not going to sit well so, we took our time departing with a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s.  Then with a gorge head wind in our face we drove toward the sunset for the most direct route back to Portland.

Big_HorseBy the time we arrived in Boardman the rain had stopped and the sun was making it quite humid.  We pulled off exit 164 at the C&D Drive In, on I-84 and gassed up.  The posse wasn’t hungry and passed on the famous blackberry milkshakes, Walla Walla sweet onion rings and famous BOZO Burgers.  It’s odd that the drive-in is linked to an espresso bar and pizza place, but little has changed since it opened in the 1950s.  We stored our rain gear and rode on to Hood River where we stopped for a late lunch.

Big Horse Brew Pub

Big Horse Brew Pub

Riding in the warm sunshine felt good after a couple days of riding in off/on rain.  In Hood River it was downright warm with temp gauge registering 80 degrees.  We decided to take in the Big Horse Brew Pub.  We were a group of thirsty visitors and made the steep climb up the steps to this brewpub and restaurant.  It overlooks most of Hood River and makes for a good non-participation windsurfing view point. Inside there are billiards and micro-brewed beverages of choice that are made in the building’s stone cellar. Lunch and service was excellent.   Thanks Holly!  We made our way down the stairs and headed to Portland.

All in all, the rally was a lot of fun.  The people/hosts in Baker City are terrific! The ride over and back as well as the rides and time in the canyons was incredible.  I certainly plan to return.  I’m on the fence about a re-do of camping and having now done it means I’ve worked it out of my system.  I’ll likely make plans earlier in the year to score a motel and then do more rides out of Baker City toward John Day and into Idaho.  Thus avoiding the larger crowds on the Hells Canyon byway and hopefully the rain too!  If you’ve yet to experience the Hells Canyon Rally I suggest you add it to  your list of to do’s.

Hells Canyon Rally Wrap Up – Day 1 HERE and Day 2 HERE.

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