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Ray Jordan (Salem, OR) – 105 flags at the  105th Anniversary Parade

Ray Jordan (Salem, OR) – 105 flags at the H-D 105th Anniversary Parade

There is an inane concept in America that the customer is always right.

And in the motorcycle community managing owner expectations through proactive communication and providing personal service has a considerable positive impact on overall satisfaction with the motorcycle ownership experience.

At least according to this J.D. Power and Associates report.  Two of the best practices, which are common among high performers, are managing owner expectations through proactive communication (including following up after a sales visit) and providing personal service (including a fluid and seamless process in servicing their motorcycle).  In the luxury motorcycle segement confronted with limited consumer spending, it is to the advantage of motorcycle manufacturers and dealerships to identify and implement the best practices that satisfy owners that may lead to higher revenue.

But, someone at H-D believes the world is just full of bullies who believe if they rant loud enough, they’ll win and that’s not gonna happen on their shift!

Dave Zien, cruising  with patriotic flags.

Dave Zien, cruising with patriotic flags.

I’m talking about Milwaukee-based Dave Zien, aged 64, who has been cruising around the country with patriotic flags on the back of his new Harley-Davidson Trike which has accumulated approximately ~15K miles.   Mr. Zien was rejected a warranty repair for a broken clutch—the dealer citing his flags “drag” (the flags create) on the engine and transmission as the cause of the failure.  In fact, Mr. Zien is a good customer and rode into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2000 by logging more than a million miles on his 1992 Harley motorcycle.  Mr. Zien voiced his displeasure throughout the motorcycle community and telling the local Fox News station that the motor company initially informed him he was “blocked” because of his flag displays and can never get any warranty work for seven years.  H-D later recanted that statement and said his motorcycle is still under warranty, but they would not cover the clutch failure.

This is a mysterious approach to that “seamless process” in servicing motorcycles.  The JD Powers report clearly points out that sales volumes and revenue of ancillary goods and services tend to be considerably higher—at motorcycle dealerships that provide a highly satisfying experience.

It’s this writers view that H-D should apologize for wasting Mr. Zien’s time and take the appropriate corrective action under warranty.

Ray Jordan photo courtesy of MKEimages.com and Mr. Zien photo courtesy of Yahoo.

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Dave Zien

Florida’s warm breezes welcomed the motorcycle community to what most consider the grand opening of the east coast motorcycle season.

I’ve been to Daytona Beach for the Daytona 500, but unfortunately never able to visit during Bike week.  Something to add to my ‘bucket list’ I suppose as Bruce Rossmeyers Harley Davidson at Destination Daytona and New Smyrna Harley Davidson play host to tens of thousands of bikers from around the world.   There are a number of biker venues like, Main Street’s Boothill Saloon, Iron Horse Saloon, Cabbage Patch, Gilly’s Pub 44, Broken Spoke Saloon, and Froggys to keep a person occupied.

The official stats have yet to be released, but antidotal media reports suggest that attendance is a bit mixed.  Some merchants blamed the economy and/or high gas prices for a less than spectacular attendance record this year..  One attendee interviewed by the local paper said:

“People just don’t have as much discretionary money to spend on a bike. And let’s face it, this is a frivolous vacation,” said Phil McAllister, pausing before adding, “But it’s still a lot of fun.”

I’m not sure if this is a predictor of the 2011 riding/rally season across the U.S. or not.  What do you think?  Will you be attending more, same or fewer motorcycle rallies than last year?  I’ll be attending fewer this year due to scheduling issues.

But, there were a couple of other notable items that will mark this years Bike week in the history books.  One was a sonic boom as the space shuttle Discovery began its rapid descent over the Atlantic Ocean and skillful final landing. After 39 missions, the space shuttle Discovery landed for the last time March 10th at Kennedy Space Center, about an hour from Daytona Beach.  The other and one that is most unfortunate was former Wisconsin state Sen. Dave Zien and AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer was seriously injured on Sunday in a motorcycle accident in Florida.

The accident occurred at 6:15 a.m. Sunday on eastbound Interstate 10 near Marianna in Jackson County.  Mr. Zien was driving in the inside lane when a Ford SUV crossed over from the right lane and into the median. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it rolled, flipping onto its side on the interstate facing north.

Zien attempted to avoid the crash scene but was unable to, clipping the back of the SUV. Zien was thrown from his 2009 Harley-Davidson bike where he was reported to have lost part of his left leg, and was airlifted to Tallahassee Memorial Medical Center, where at last report he was in stable condition.

Mr. Zien is best known as an AMA Hall of Famer, for defending motorcyclists’ rights while serving in the Wisconsin Legislature and true to his words he was not wearing a helmet in this accident.  Mr. Zien served as vice president of the Wisconsin Better Bikers Association and was known for riding around on his Harley-Davidson with a full-size American and Wisconsin flags on his bike. In addition, back in 2005, Zien was the main author of the Wisconsin RURA (Roadway Users Responsibility Act) 466.  That bill provides for increased penalties for vehicle operators who violate the right-of-way of other roadway users.  And in my opinion I hope there is a similar law in Florida because the driver of the SUV, Ryan G. Matheny of Marietta, OH., was charged with failure to maintain lane and driving with a suspended license.

Here’s hoping Mr. Zien a speedy recovery.

Photo courtesy of AMA.

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