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Dirt Bike Reunion - Yamaha WR450F

Dirt Bike Reunion – Yamaha WR450F

People love story.  It’s the essence of novels, TV and film.  It also explains why reality TV has so many script writers and how phony rules in America.

This video took me back to the dirt-whirling days on my Honda CT70 (HERE) and more recently with buddies on the Oregon coast range on the old Yamaha YZ400 (HERE).  What a terrific dirt bike, that smoker 2-stroke was!

Everybody says they want shorter info snippets, but what they really want is something that rivets them.  They’ve got endless time for great, and this video is just that – great!  Prop’s to Mark Toia.

Feel AliveI think travel gives you perspective.  Be it trail rides, sand dunes or the longer wind in the face road trips.  You see satisfaction is unexpected.  In other words, it’s when you’re riding down the open road (or trail) behind the handle bars that you’ll suddenly realize you love your life.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve noticed that one-time events… seem to happen all the time, and as I age I’m less susceptible to the hype.  This video about 4 friends that use to ride and hang out as kids and reunite atop their favorite hills was inspiring.

Photo courtesy of Toia.com

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Moms or Mums as they say in “down under” never really approve of their children having a motorcycle and can you blame them?  They never seem to get beyond the “motorcycles are dangerous” stage.  Maybe it was watching you weave all over and fall off a bicycle when you were a little tike and first learned to ride that convinced her?  Or maybe it’s all the “other” people on the road that she worries about.  Who knows as everyone has a different reason to worry.

My parents agreed and bought my first “real” ride.  It was a Honda “Mini Trail” 70 (CT70). Sure I had a couple of solid frame mini-bikes with the 5HP Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine prior and I’m sure the small wheels and mini-bike look of the Honda CT70 made them feel comfortable in buying it.

The bike was first introduced in 1970 to compete against all the two stroke small capacity motorcycles and was one of the first four-stroke, small capacity motorcycles of its time.  Unique were the fold down handle bars and many loaded up the bikes on the back of RV’s or campers and used them to motor around when traveling.  You could immediately tell by the angle of the decal on the center beam if it was a 3-speed “automatic clutch” (vertical) or a 4-speed (diagonal).  I have lots of stories and positive memories riding that motorcycle.   When ever I see one on display I just smile.

I’m sure being first introduced to this motorcycle in my teens infected me with an enthusiasm about riding that has lasted all my life.  I’ve owned multiple dirt and street bikes.  I find myself enjoying the wind in my face and the mini-adventures they bring along.

This Sunday is Mothers Day.   So, call your mom and/or thank her for that first motorcycle!

Photo courtesy of Honda Trail.

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