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"No Cages" Advertising

It’s official.

The first work from Harley-Davidson’s new ‘hookup’ with Boulder, CO.-based crowdsourcing agency Victor & Spoils has debuted on YouTube.  The consumer-created spot was born of a new agency model that H-D adopted after parting with longtime agency Carmichael Lynch last year.

Watch the YouTube video HERE.

Congrats and a shout out to Whit Hiler, the Kentuckian who’d submitted the “No Cages” original idea that is also part of Harley’s HD1 factory customization program in which buyers can design their own rides.

It’s an old and improved formula, but it doesn’t make me want to part with my cash!  Maybe you will?  It doesn’t have that viral feel where people are watching the video and then instantly going to Twitter and Facebook, to start a dialogue.

We live in an “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars” culture, where speed to stardom and availability of technology makes about anyone a creative director. And this video has a get it done fast, good enough is good enough look.   In the internet world, where everything happens now, this is anathema.  Everything’s here today, gone tomorrow.  Like a lot of advertising these days, the big idea is lost and the execution is vanilla.  I would have thought that V&S’s multiple years of experience would have vetted out the creative gold-nuggets from the train-wreck incarnate.

This creative spot wreaks of ratings/hits, not quality and has a race to the bottom mentality.  Mr. Richer, isn’t this how Pontiac died?!  Is it time for a mea culpa?  When you contrast how the big middle finger of rebellion helped build this brand and now advertising which has been replaced with me-too imitation…  It’s got to be about the long haul.  Not overnight success, but enduring success.  Forget about genres.  Just be good.

I’m still a fan of H-D, but not for this ad.

UPDATE: February 16, 2011 – Mark-Hans Richer (H-D CMO) told in an interview to Ad Age: “We’re really happy with the way it  [“Cages”] came out…”

Photo courtesy of H-D.

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H-D 2010 Catalog Mosaic - CloseUp

H-D 2010 Catalog Mosaic - CloseUp

Back in early May, Harley-Davidson reached out to riders through the various social networks and email stating they were going to be making a photo mosaic for the 2010 Motorcycle Catalog.

Basically it’s a crowdsourcing technique by having people email in photographs that would be used for the front of the new catalog.  A mosaic is formed by cleverly organizing the tiny images so that their native colors – when viewed from a distance contribute to the larger image.

2010 Motorcycle Catalog Cover - Mosaic

2010 Motorcycle Catalog Cover - Mosaic

H-D collected thousands of photos from around the world which showcase YOU – the folks who ride their motorcycles and make-up the H-D family.  H-D did a good job of running the program, with only a few simple rules around the type of content which could be submitted (no kids, only original photos, etc.).

Last week they released the online version of the 2010 motorcycle catalog cover and you can view it HERE. It’s a great peek into H-D Americana (although some pics are odd, i.e. the dude with the machine gun).  The flash tool for panning and zooming works very well to surf the photos.

If you submitted photo’s you can input your email address or a code which you received after submission and go directly to your photos.  Give it try.

Photo courtesy of H-D.

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