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jacket-linerGerbings LLC., and Harley-Davidson are recalling more than 9,000 12-volt heated jacket liners.

The jacket liners have an improperly crimped connector in the heating element in the back portion of the jacket liner which is prone to overheating.  The could cause it to overheat and potentially pose a burn hazard to customers.

The jacket liner (model JKLN) subject to this recall is PO# 3796.  Consumers should stop using the jacket liners and contact Gerbings at 877-242-5595 or Harley-Davidson at 800-258-2464 for a free repair or replacement liner.

Recall information at Gerbings is located HERE.

Photo courtesy of Gerbings.

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motorcycle fashion historyNo one can deny the huge impact that the American motorcycle and biker sub-culture has had on the fashion industry.

Motorcyclists spend a great deal of money and effort to find protective gear that looks fashionably good, but there is a small minority who tarnish the sport.  You know the type…  stick-on bunny ears on the helmet or the camouflage trousers and the faux Mohawk that should’ve stayed with the 90’s punk bands.

I’ve been on a clothing hiatus for a while, but back in 2009, I blogged at length about motorcycle fashions with… Limited Edition Clothing; Motorcycle Style; Dressed For Summer and the FXRG Jacket Road Test.  For all the hype fashion gets, it’s truly irrelevant and a way for the untalented to stand out.  Because if you’re talented, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?!

This week my friends over at Bennetts provided me an interesting visual graphic on the Evolution of Motorcycle Fashion & Clothing.  Check it out HERE and take a tour through motorcycle clothing history.  Who knows, it might even help you distinguish between clothing features that are pure fashion and those that have some genuine protective merit.

If however, you wake up in the morning with the desire to stick on a Mohawk or those bunny ears then it’s probably best that you hand over your motorcycle keys because you are about to make a motorcycle fashion faux pas.

Photo courtesy of www.bennetts.co.uk

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Motorcycle enthusiasts in any given year will lobby and go to the mat on legislation issues that affect their hobby in the Northwest.

In Washington state one such bill was SB 5242  —  known as the biker profiling bill – it recently passed into law.   The bill prohibits singling out bikers for police stops without a legitimate reason. Motorcycle profiling is defined as when law enforcement officers single out people who ride motorcycles or wear biker “clothing,” stopping, questioning, searching or arresting them without legal grounds.

Motorcycle clubs who feel they have been singled out over the years see this as a major victory.  However, it’s a win for all motorcyclists in a way that the media isn’t really talking much about. Let me explain.

You might recall that I blogged about the NHTSA who recently made funds available to state, county and local law enforcement agencies to run “motorcycle only” checkpoints. The funds were recently applied for and granted in Florida, and as you can imagine during Daytona Bike Week there was a motorcycle only checkpoint in operation and the bikers-as well as the AMA- went ballistic.

Under the new Washington State law this supposedly cannot happen. Washington State Police (WSP) has stated that although they would not have applied for the funds regardless, that would not have stopped sheriffs and city law enforcement from applying. However, under the new bill they cannot … until someone decides to run county or city legislation to override the state law…

UPDATE: May 16, 2011 – Interesting and well articulated alternative viewpoint from Brian O’Neill (LEO) on how SB 5242 targets the wrong folks (police officer training) and this will get in the way of disrupting gang activity in Washington state.

Photo courtesy of Photobucket

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The grueling wait is over!

Harley-Davidson today announced the launch of its latest customer focused strategy in the battle of the motorcycle wars – the new “left-handed” Harley-Davidson® Blackline™ L-Edition.

A full page advertisement in LA Times announced the introduction of the Harley-Davidson® Blackline™ L-Edition, a new model in their 2011 lineup: a left-handed motorcycle specially designed for the more than 35 million left-handed Americans.  According to the advertisement, the new Blackline L-Edition was made of the same high-quality components as the original ‘right-handed’ version (motor, frame, seat, handle-bars, tires, etc.), but all the vehicle operations were rotated 360 degrees for the benefit of the left-handed customers, thereby redistributing the weight of the rider so that the bulk of the controls will skew to the left.

Mark-Hans Richer, CMO at Harley-Davidson, was quoted as saying that the new Blackline L-Edition was “lean as wire, hard as iron and would satisfy the rebellious nature of our left-handed customers.” The advertisement stated that the left-handed Blackline L-Edition would initially only be available in the U.S., but that the company was “considering plans to roll it out to other countries with large left-handed populations.” Clearly the left-handed Blackline L-Edition throws new fuel on a fire that burn’s across many left-handed generations and quenches their desire to ride.

A spokesperson from the Left-Handed Motorcycle Club (LHMC) stated:

“We are enthusiastically behind Harley-Davidson’s recognition of the difficulties riding a motorcycle that has a natural right-hand bias to it.  We urge all left-handed motorcyclists to visit their nearest Harley-Davidson dealer and experience the difference for themselves.”

The skill and care that went into the customization is clear, and the list of parts that were manufactured with a skew to the left speaks for itself: a 1 degree milled-left chrome rocker cover kit and the rear fender was bobbed from the left and placed high-and-tight over a slim, 144mm tire that emphasizes asymmetric left-hand side tread and an authentic hardtail profile. The compact headlight and speedometer were slightly skewed-left and low into the wide, FX front end, and there’s just enough shine to make the black parts look blacker.   Once aboard the Blackline L-Edition, the rider hugs the sculpted left-side frame on the lowest two-up seat ever offered by Harley-Davidson, and reaches high for new Split Drag™ left-handlebars that bolt right to the top of the left-leaning triple-clamp.

In addition, Harley-Davidson introduced a new “Lean Left” clothing line to support the new Blackline L-Edition and the company has teamed up with left-handed Supermodel Sophie Dahl in an innovative left-handed marketing campaign to introduce the latest addition to Harley-Davidson’s high-performance line of ‘Dark Custom’ motorcycles.  Partnering with Supermodel Sophie Dahl is a perfect match as the skewed left Blackline L-Edition sculpted frame and commanding physique complement the left-handed model, who has a recently learned the art of left-handed burnouts.

Please Note: According to a report by CareerBuilder.com, 33% of respondents said they’d been the victim of an April Fool’s Day prank in the office… if you believe this blog post then you’ve just been punked!  Nothing in this post is true and no left-handed people were harmed in the writing of this post.

Photo courtesy of Blue State Creations.

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Nick Jonas - Harley Clothing and H-D/Ford

Targeting younger buyers.  It’s not a news flash!

Harley-Davidson has been executing a number of marketing efforts aimed at 20-somethings from whom Harley is an aspirational brand.  The H-D SVP and CMO, Mark-Hans Richer, has pitched the brand to the young-rebel-with-tats ethos through attitude-enhanced ads, social media efforts, and lifestyle programs around counterculture happenings.  And Mr. Richer should know.  He used to head up marketing for General Motors’ defunct Pontiac brand until he left in 2007 to take on the marketing helm at H-D.

The result?  Like magnets, teenagers everywhere are attracted to the motorcycle counterculture lifestyle.  As proof positive the above photo is 17-year-old Nick Jonas (of Jonas Brothers fame) who coordinated his clothing with a Harley-Davidson Special Edition Ford truck and a matching Harley-Davidson sweatshirt while he refuels his vehicle.  OMG!  Like the best band evah, like who knew that, like Nick pumping his own gas would be like such a hawt H-D fashion statement?!  Clearly a Jonas Brothers haircut is more devious that we first thought. Is this priceless H-D advertising for the younger generation or should youthful motorcycle fans across the nation be sickened?   I wonder if Harley marketing had a hand in the fashion wear for this almost 20-something motorcycle magnet.  Hey when you’ve got it, you got it!

In a conference room on West Juneau Avenue I can see it now.  A Jonas Brothers concept motorcycle.  A Jonas Brother movie, with H-D product placements where Nick as an orphaned teenager along with his hipster dog set out to save the planet on a Dark Custom when all the land is in ruins.  Harley will ask the Jonas Brothers to rename their next album and call it the Milwaukee Daydream.  Huh?  Is this what they mean by Harley-Davidson fandom?  Nick will probably have a couple of unanswered questions like “Where is Milwaukee?” and “What are motorcycles?”, but hey try and enjoy yourself and have fun with that choreographed in a self-important, “I’m so cool!” kind of thing you do.

Forty years ago, if you worked hard and saved your pennies, you too could live the life of the rich and famous, if only for a night, or a weekend.  Now the gulf between the worlds of the rich and the poor, between the haves and the have-nots, is so vast as to seem uncrossable, and the public is upset.  Not only right wing Tea Party members, but left wing Democrats.  How did we get such a raw deal?  It’s about jobs and foreclosures, stupid!  How did Obama and his minions get it so wrong?   But, I’ve digressed.

Back to Nick, his hair cut and this manufactured hipness script.  I’m not really the kind of person to get caught up in the latest trends or fashions.  Some days, I’ll wear a black t-shirt and then other days it’s a white one.  The media has trumped up the Jonas Brothers.  The industry said they were above criticism, because they were getting kids to come to their shows.  But can you name one Jonas Brothers hit?  I can’t.

Music or not, seeing Harley-Davidson with Nick Jonas stresses out my “Tolerability Index.”

Photo courtesy GSI Media and Just Jared

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American Bombshell - Marisa Miller

Didn’t you know?

Critics argue that “green” is a passing fad. But, don’t tell Harley-Davidson because the marketing professionals have rolled out a military green marketing and media campaign with “American Bombshell” Marisa Miller.

I’m not talking about an “Inconvenient Truth” or environmental type of green.  Yes, Virginia — I’m talking fashion and the wearing of or riding a Green colored motorcycle. The color comes in all shades and the fashion experts suggest/hype that it’s as fresh as Peppermint!

Yesterday, H-D announced that Marisa Miller expanded her relationship and will salute active and retired U.S. military personnel during the month of November.  This is part of the company’s first-ever “Military Appreciation Month” campaign.  Cool and just in time for Veterans Day!

Sporting minimal clothing, Ms. Miller will be sitting alongside H-D motorcycles in military-themed (read Green) creative, including print and digital ads, posters, postcards and calendars throughout the month of November.  In addition there will be a special section of the H-D web site where anyone can create an electronic postcard with artwork of Miller and Harley-Davidson motorcycles along with a personal message of gratitude that you can send to an active or retired member of the U.S. military.

It’s unclear just how carbon neutral, this ad campaign will be – meaning eliminate or offset all of the greenhouse gases it produces worldwide.  I predict a lot of heavy breathing by teenage males when filling out those postcards!  What do you think?  Is green the new black or is it just the flavour du jour?

Photo courtesy of H-D.

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movie_posterIt’s iconic.  “A man went looking for America and couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Forty years later Sony Pictures prepares to re-release (on October 13th) a newly digitized version of “Easy Rider” on Blu-ray disc and leverage movieIQ technology which allows fans to access relevant cast and crew trivia online.   At the same time, Kerr Leathers, a Salem, MA., company has an exclusive contract to produce replicas of the Captain America leather jacket which Fonda (Wyatt) wore. As one of only a couple American leather makers left,  Kerr also has the contract to produce other anniversary memorabilia, including Fonda’s vest and T-shirt, a CD of the movie songs, and commemorative posters.

The original leather jacket was designed and manufactured by Clarice Amberg of ABC Leathers in South Gate, California.  In 1971, ABC Leathers was bought out by Bates Manufacturing and later the company was renamed Bates Industries.  Currently its Bates Custom Leathers.  Bates is owned by two women, Dawn and Dana Grindle. At the time, ABC Leathers made two jackets and one set of pants for the movie.  The movie secured private financing of $440K and grossed over $19 million.  You can hear Fonda speak about the jacket HERE (.wmv file)

Kerr Leather "Captain America" Clothing

Kerr Leather "Captain America" Clothing

Millions of baby boomers who relate to the movie will undoubtedly line up to obtain one of only 3,000 Captain America jackets to be made.  All are signed by Fonda, and will retail for $459. In a brilliant coup d’état, all of the gear will be sold by Harley-Davidson dealers worldwide.  In addition, each of the dealers will receive a Fonda autographed American flag on one jacket, which will be raffled off for the dealer’s favorite charity.

And speaking of the American flag — the original, one-and-only American flag patch worn on the back of Wyatt’s motorcycle jacket, was sold in 2007 for more than $89,000 by Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, TX.  The flag was featured prominently throughout the movie.  Fonda kept the jacket after production wrapped, and wore it until the jacket wore out. He then saved the patch, framed it, and then decided to make some of the memorabilia available to fans.  Ironically, for a film so fervently anti-establishment, the Department of Defense pin that adorned the jacket was valued at over $15,000. 

The launch of the re-released movie on Blu-ray is set to coincide with the 26th annual Love Ride during California Bike Week (October 23 – 25).  As the population ages it’s common these days to see commemorative clothing and products hit the market.  Nostalgia sells.  The last time Kerr Leathers first produced an “Easy Rider” commemorative jacket was for the film’s 25th anniversary in 1994.

Photos courtesy of Kerr web site.

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HD_100100F degrees is hot!

It’s going to be one of those days where Portland feels a lot like the Southwest as we edge toward more record breaking temperatures.

It seems like we’ve been getting extended 100F degree heat spells for the last 3-4 years.  Riding around in full motorcycle gear in stop and go traffic with an air cooled V-Twin dumping out heat makes it even more noticeable.  No complaints because the weird winter weather is just around the corner.

The good news?  Fruit is looking good!  Wineries and cellar masters are talking about the abundance of “heat units” exceeding 1,800 and grape growers will have an early harvest in both the Rogue and Willamette valley.

How are you coping with the heat?

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Canada & Glacier Road Test Route

Canada & Glacier Road Test Route

Previously I provided an in depth review of the Harley-Davidson FXRG® Perforated Leather Jacket HERE.

My experience in the initial post was primarily from short trips around town and I was looking forward to a longer road test of the jacket.   I planned to wear the jacket on an 8-day trip through the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park in Montana which you can read about HERE.  More important to the jacket road test was the trip saw temperatures from 47F to 107F degrees and allowed for an extended trail while fleshing out it’s features across a broad spectrum of weather conditions.   View this post is a follow up to the original review.

First off I got a chuckle whenever handing the jacket to people and watching them nearly topple over when they try and lift it. It’s not just a leather jacket – it’s riding gear and a bit heavy because of it. The nice thing is that all that thickness and weight will be between you and the road should you ever go down.  And as the saying goes, ride wearing what you want to crash wearing.

FXRG Perforated Leather Jacket - Road Test

FXRG Perforated Leather Jacket - Road Test

The temperature sweet spot, at least for my body type was 65F to 85F degrees.  There was plenty of ventilation to help me stay cool during the hotter parts of the day and during the lower temps I would wear the removable windproof liner that features the Gore-Tex® Windstopper® technology.   In fact, after a long day of riding I wore that liner out to dinner which saved space having to lug yet another fleece or light jacket on the Road King.

However, any extended riding with temperatures below 60F degrees and you experience a ‘wind chill’ effect.  I found myself searching for a rain jacket to provide extra wind block from the cold.   For example, our morning departure out of Banff, Alberta was 47F degrees and wet.  I had a long sleeve t-shirt, windproof liner, perforated jacket and windproof rain coat.  Everything was zipped high and tight.  I was cool during the ride, but not too cold to function properly.  This cold weather was not anticipated, but you never know what you’ll ride into.

FXRG Jacket - Under Rain Coat - Glacier Nat. Park

FXRG Jacket - Under Rain Coat - Glacier Nat. Park

On the hot side of the temperature gauge spectrum… Perforated Leather is only “uncomfortable” when you’re not moving so my suggestion is never stop!  With temperatures up in the mid-90F’s I was actually pleased that the jacket provided significant ventilation and helped me stay cool.   Anything above 97F degrees and I don’t care how many deflecting diamond plate patterns supposedly deflect sun or how much “CoolMax” “breathable liner” you have on — it’s too damn much!  I had to remove the jacket.  When the temps top 100F, you experience this ‘convection oven’ effect. You really notice it riding at 107F which was the temperature in Wenatchee, WA on the day of our arrival.  And the faster you ride, the hotter it feels. So, I stripped down to a t-shirt.  It would not offer much protection going down, but I didn’t need to ride all day with that high of temperature.  Had I needed too I would have worn long sleeve t-shirts and a leather vest.

All the zippers on the jacket from the front, sleeves and pockets worked flawlessly.  I especially liked the quick access to cell phone and sunglass interior pockets.  The jacket was very durable and held up well to abrasion as it was tossed about on the bike at fuel stops or in motel rooms.

In summary, the FXRG Perforated Leather jacket is a very solid jacket.  It looks tough but at the same time is smooth and streamlined.  It’s heavy enough for cold weather riding and has built-in blow-through venting for hot summer riding. The protective armor along the spine, shoulders, and elbows gives you added physical security if not some extra peace of mind.

Harley-Davidson is known for quality bike clothing and their new FXRG Perforated Leather Jacket delivers.   The one negative that I can offer for this product is that the Mandarin collar, YKK® Finguard® front zipper takes some getting used to.   When riding and with the jacket partially unzipped, the collar (does have a soft lining) had a tendency to rub or interfere with the bottom of my helmet or chin strap.  I learned to fold it a bit which relieved the issue.

Lastly I want to provide a shout out to H-D and Laura for providing the testing opportunity.  Thanks!

Photo courtesy of H-D and Google maps.

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Come Up Seven Clothing Co.

Come Up Seven Clothing Co.

Jonny Pockets has often commented on this blog providing insightful commentary as I rant about various Harley topics.    He also has a great blog and I’ve invested time cruising his deep selection of unique photos posted on the site.

Now he’s about to make a boatload of money, pay a lot of taxes, hire a bunch of people, spend money on rent, equipment, services etc. and pay even more taxes as he busts his butt to get rich!

Entrepreneurs are needed these days and I hope the Come Up Seven Clothing Company gets obnoxiously rich.  Their idea came about in early 2009. Jonny was working as a graphic designer and was having issues with a few unsavory hacks who were “borrowing” his designs off the web and selling them as t-shirts.  Last May, Jonny rallied together with his buddy Mitch and started the Clothing company with the goal to create a brand and community that would represent their hometown of Portland, OR.  Their intent is to provide an outlet for creativity and social statements as well as reflect a lifestyle they mutually appreciate with passions around motorcycles, fashion, community, tattoos, art, music, and friendship.

Their Shop opened last month and this is going to be one to watch.  In this time of the “great recession” you can’t have too many t-shirts.

Photo courtesy of Come Up Seven Clothing.  Full disclosure: I have no involvement or investment in this company.

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