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What do you do on a winter day in Oregon?  Well it’s been way too cold and with hurricane winds blowing and power outages, riding a motorcycle would be for only the hard core.  

I’m not a hard core biker. It’s not my primary mode of transportation or my all weather vehicle.  I don’t ride when there is a chance for ice on the roads or if the local news show streaming mini-rivers on the suburban streets. It’s been a few weeks since I last rode and I’m feeling withdrawals. But I wanted to be positive and thought I’d start this list of “The Good Things About Winter for Bikers”: 

  • Make a list of things you’d like to accessorize on your bike this spring.

  • Dust off your bike with some expensive spray whiz stuff that absorbs dirt.

  • Plug-in and un-plug your battery tender to double check its working.

  • Surf the owners manual for some esoteric data point to lay on your buddies at the next rally.

  • Sweep the leaves from around your bike in the garage.

  • Buy a DVD player, attach it to the Garage TV and watch biker movies while sitt’n on the Harley.

  • Hang that 6×6 flag you bought in Street Vibrations to up level your garage art.

  • Read biker blogs and research Goth-Mennonite cross over biker events.

  • Scrub the want ads in the local paper and rant about the prices people want for used bikes.

  • Grab a TV tray and set up a “sig-other” dinning event in the garage to tally the number of non-chrome bolts which need to be replaced.

  • Buy a BBB (Biker Babe Bikini) calendar and flip through the winter months to get you through those dark days of winter.

 Now it’s your turn.  Any additions to the list?

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