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xtreme-pacsFor some there are not many things that get better than a scenic motorcycle ride with the added enjoyment of pulling off the tarmac to overnight under the stars.

I received several emails in regards to my outdoor experience during a recent trip to the Hells Canyon Rally.  I’m talking camping here and getting back to nature.  Touring motorcycles offer a lot in the way of storage because you’ll need a good tent, a better sleeping bag, an air-mat and a “butt buddy” i.e. chair!  But before you embark on that next camping trip you’ll have to decide what is or isn’t important to take because space is always a premium.

As I noted in the Hells Canyon post I went down the path of piece parting over a few years to fulfill the requirements of camping.   But, I came across an all-in-one system that looks like a good alternative for those looking for a one-stop complete package.  Made by Napier, it’s called the Sportz X-Treme PAC. It’s a complete camping package designed with everything you need (except air-mat) for a “comfortable” stay in the outdoors. A very compact 3 season package which includes tent, full rain fly, 2 stools, 2 sleeping bags and a carrying bag which can be easily attached to a motorcycle.  For about $250.00 it features a 7.5’ x 6.5’ tent which sleeps two people; a full tape seamed rain fly with side extensions; 2 heavy duty stools and 2 mummy sleeping bags. All of the items pack into the carrying bag.  They also make a one-person version which will save you $100.00 when you heed the call of the open road and nature.  The product has been shipping more than 3 years and there are a number of product reviews and blogs that have covered the usage.  You’ll be hard pressed to find anything other than positive ratings.

Another bit of advice from your motor-camper extraordinaire… before entering your portable nylon estate I suggest having a plan.  Are you taking all your stuff and storing it in the tent or just the items you’ll need for the morning.  For example storing your helmet in the tent will avoid moisture and critters accumulating.

Photo courtesy of Napier.

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