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Pee Jug

Pee Jug

Motorcyclist have to be on the look-out for all types of road hazards and debris, but here in the Northwest the job has become more difficult.

It seems we have an epidemic.  An epidemic of urine-filled plastic bottles littering the sides of the road.  Yes, folks we now have jugs of pee being found in alarming numbers.  Most notable is a short section of Interstate 84 in eastern Oregon.  Some days the Oregon DOT litter crew reported finding more than 100 plastic bottles.  This brings a new meaning to the word “Trucker Bombs”, huh?!

The containers are found on the eastbound side specifically in a three mile stretch called ‘Three Mile Hill’ between milepost 356 and 359. So, visit Hells Canyon and risk hitting a pee jug…now that’s a tourist slogan!  The Oregon press tried to put its best spin on the issue and reported the area is prone to this problem because of the economy and it’s believed that commercial trucks are driving at a slow speed and drivers can urinate into bottles and toss them out the window.  This way truckers can save time bypassing rest stops, minimizing fuel stops or bathroom breaks.  Yeah, that sounds better…NOT!

OSP Urine Bottles

OSP Urine Bottles

As you might imagine the truck drivers industry doesn’t officially support any pee jug shortcuts, but are quick to point out that “IF” truckers did use such plastic bottles it would only be because of ridiculous work schedules, the high cost of diesel fuel and parking limitations for big rigs.  The accusation that truckers pee whenever or wherever has the truck industry reeling.   They feel they’ve been unfairly stained with innuendos.

It’s not a unique problem in Oregon, but rampant across the Northwest.  Utah DOT reports their maintenance crews pick up approx 20,000 urine bottles a year.  Washington state launched an aggressive public awareness campaign to combat the proliferation of jugs of pee on their highways and California was quick to point out that all the fast food restaurants in the state helps prevent the issue, but later issued an advisory for Caltrans workers on how to properly dispose of potential exploding pee jugs…

The Northwest Harley blog condemns the practice of peeing in a bottle and tossing it on the highway only to be dodged or hit by a motorcyclist.  You animals!

Note: the well intentioned pee jug photo is not to be used as a “how-to” guide for any copycat…

Container photo courtesy of Oregon State Police.

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