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Schuberth Helmets

With more than 70 years of experience, Schuberth GmbH has developed a wide range of superb products and is a trailblazer in head protection technology. I’ve previously posted about their laser scan process, price and number of carbon fiber layers the helmets contain HERE for Formula 1 racers.

Schuberth has just opened its North American headquarters and selected the “OC” – specifically, Aliso Viejo as opposed to the east coast because as we all know “Cali,” is the hub of the motorcycle industry, especially motorcycle media in Southern California.  In this down economy the company hired six full-time employees and more than 12 consultants. The consultants will be on the road to help business associates, and will mostly be located in Southern California too.

But, this is not today’s big news.  The big story today is John Mayer (music recording artist) deleted his Twitter account!  Mayer frequently used the social networking website to apologize for offensive statements he’s made and fight with Perez Hilton, among other things.  Mayer had more than 3.7 million followers, but don’t be depressed as going forward he plans to communicate even more with fans through his blog.  So, several celeb’s (Miley Cyrus, Ricky Gervais, Amanda Bynes, Demi Lovato, and LeAnn Rimes) have left Twitter? You must be kidding! Hello, Ripley’s? No, you cannot put me on hold. This is a worldwide exclusive. I’m sitting on a powder keg here.

Do we care?  I don’t, and promise not to revert to junior high school with gossip-girl digs, but that isn’t my point.  The point is that today we get our information from one another.  Our news is personalized.  We are experiencing a revolution.  Caused by the computer, aided by the Internet, old media monoliths are crumbling and seedlings are popping up all over.  The old guard is protesting, wannabes are struggling for a toehold in the decaying old game and newbies are reinventing the media business unchallenged and unknown.

The only way to be successful today is to create a phenomenal product that members of the public embrace and spread to their friends.  Hype a crappy product and you might get some old wave press, but you won’t make any money.

As a “newbie” to this old media monolith, I wanted to pass along that Schuberth’s helmet’s are innovative, modern and pumped full of high-technology.  I hope to try out the DOT version of the popular C3 (with integrated bluetooth Schuberth Rider Communication (SRC) System) which will be available in N.A. dealers any day now.

If anyone has experience with Schuberth helmets let me know what you liked or didn’t.

Photo courtesy of Schuberth blog.

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If you’re considering a switch to a two-wheeler – even if to augment your vehicle inventory – apparently you are not alone.

The Motorcycle Industry Council recently reported that sales of scooters and economical motorcycles are at their highest levels in 20 years.  Name-brand scooters in the first quarter of 2008 were up 24 percent over a year earlier, and sales of small and medium-size motorcycles rose 7.5 percent. Sales of “heavy-weights” or large cruiser bikes were down 11 percent.

A couple days ago I received a scooter flyer in the mail evangelizing the “greenness” and fuel efficiency of the 2009 Yamaha C3 (available in October).  It look all too familiar and then I realized….hey, Harley did one of these back in the early ‘60s.  The “Coker” (period-correct) tires even finished off the copy design.

And speaking of green that flyer would have done Al Gore proud with planet friendly subtle shades of green color background intermixed with black ink displayed on 80% post-processed recycle paper…if they’d have made it smell like kiwi fruit I would have just ate the advertisement to save the land fill!

Before you bust me about my recycled paper eating habits, let’s review this Yamaha bad boy (Cubed 3) features.

  • Harley-Davidson retro “box” design scooter appeals to the “Boomer” generation.
  • C3 name accentuates “chunky” cubic space
  • High-function features include big bob tires on cast aluminum wheels, a motorcycle-type fork and handlebar.
  • Side-hinged, locking storage compartment swallows up to nine gallons of gear.
  • The C3 achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 115 mpg with a fuel tank that holds 1.2 gallons of gas.
  • Liquid-cooled three-valve, four-stroke engine is powerful, quiet and low-maintenance.
  • Electronic fuel injection: a 19mm Mikuni throttle body provides optimal mixture in all conditions.
  • Fully automatic, V-belt transmission provides easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.
  • Pushbutton electric starting (with backup kick-starter) for ease of operation.
  • The air-induction system and exhaust catalyst technology reduce air pollution.

Clearly, the overall economic hardship and senseless fuel-inefficient cruiser monsters as gas prices spike would warrant a discussion in Wisconsin about bringing back the Harley Topper to stake a claim in the scooter space, right?

You might recall that the Topper was the only scooter that the Harley-Davidson ever produced and they were manufactured between 1960 and 1965.  They produced less than 3000.  It utilized a CVT transmission called “Scootaway Drive”, like most scooters produced today and the engine was a 165cc single-cylinder (9HP) two-stroke that required premixed gas/oil. The starter was a rope-recoil type similar to a Honda lawnmower.  The front body, fender and floorboards were made of stamped steel, and the engine cover and body were made of chopper gun-sprayed fiberglass.  Harley even rolled out the two-tone Hi-Fi Red and Desert Sand colors which looks very similar to the copy-cat Yamaha C3!

Shouldn’t Wisconsin have a Harley Scooter on the R&D drawing board?  Couldn’t Harley become as prominent in the scooter space as it is in motorcycles?


Topper photo courtesy of Motorcycle Museum.

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