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Nothing like a little real-life danger to provide the backdrop in promoting a product.

Harley-Davidson is doing just that with the live streaming of the attempt at the world record jump on a H-D motorcycle.  Seth Enslow will be trying to break Bubba Blackwell’s record by leaping 160 feet across the front of Sydney Harbor, at Sydney’s Barangaroo, East Darling Harbor Waterfront – a world record.  The jump will be attempted on a H-D XR1200 with the Harbor Bridge in the background.

The jump will stream live March 2nd starting at 9:15am Australia EST.  This is happens in less than an hour.

The campaign is being heavily promoted with a special micro-site HERE, the Australian YouTube H-D branded site HERE and on twitter HERE.

Nothing like the possibility of a death to bring in the viewers!

UPDATE: 3:15 PST — SethEnslow is the new record holder after breaking the previous record held by Bubba Blackwell.  The streaming video was fraught with technical issues, and we had to put up with advertising, but in the end we did see the jump live from Sydney.  Seth made it look too easy.  Congrats!

Photo courtesy of Cam Sinclair.

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Harley-Davidson XR-750

Harley-Davidson XR-750

During my visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum earlier this summer I spied a XR-750 hanging from the ceiling.  Turns out it’s a replica of the one that motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel (Robert Craig Knievel Jr.) used at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1973 when he attempted to jump a 50-car tower. 

Evel having a colorful life is a huge understatement.  Born in Butte, Montana he battled the IRS and Montana over allegedly unpaid taxes; survived abandonment by his parents, who left him with grandparents at 6 months old; endured jail, bankruptcy and divorce – he even ran over a Hells Angel – and survived to tell the story!  The official Knievel web site is HERE.

Evel Knievel Records

Evel Knievel Records

Evel passed away last year, but as a small tike, I can remember to this day the excitement of watching that X-2 Skycycle launch over the Snake River Canyon to be followed with disappointment of the parachute accidentally deploying and to land only a few feet from the water on the side of the canyon.

In an effort to break Evel’s record, last weekend Bubba Blackwell (the professional daredevil) set the record and jumped 52-cars in front of a crowd of more than 6,000 at the Deep South Speedway on his modified Harley-Davidson XR-750.  It was also his birthday.  Next up for Bubba has to be getting his life interpreted via rock opera format?  Then you’re golden.

Congrats Bubba in setting a new record and happy (belated) birthday!

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