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I went online to check on CLUB H.O.G. 25 tickets.  They were suppose to go on sale today, however, they will now be free to H.O.G. members and one guest each. There was one part of the celebration that was previously announced was a paid concert featuring Aerosmith and Kid Rock.  Aerosmith canceled their performance at the H.O.G. concert due to medical reasons and does not have any other dates scheduled through the rest of the year. Due to this HOG will not be selling tickets for a separate concert inside Miller Park. Instead, Kid Rock will join the entertainment for CLUB H.O.G. 25 on the exterior grounds of Miller Park – a free event. Free is a very good price! 

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The H.O.G. group put up info (members only area) about the 25TH Anniversary Concert and Ceremonial Spectacular in Milwaukee, WI.   Their event is part of the 105th celebration at Harley Davidson. (Note: Photo courtesy H.O.G./Clay Patrick McBride) 

The H.O.G. event is Thursday, August 28th and includes a night of music and celebration with Aerosmith and Kid Rock. There is FREE admission to CLUB H.O.G 25 (the 25th Annual H.O.G. Rally) at the Miller Park exterior grounds (one guest per member). Just show your H.O.G. card and walk in.  But, you’ll need to purchase tickets for the music portion of the event. 

In keeping it so simple that even I can understand, the theme is the 25th anniversary so, concert tickets are just $25.  There are 40,000 seats available and will go on sale March 12th at 8AM CST.  

Set your timer if you plan to go.

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