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2015 Road Glide Fairing?

2015 Road Glide Fairing?

With the rich history that Harley-Davidson has, the company rarely takes a big chance, but on occasion has celebrated a new model now and then.

You might recall that recently the motor company rolled out a range of new 2014 touring models.  However, Harley-Davidson informed the riding community that there would be no Road Glide Custom or Road Glide Ultra in the 2014 line up due to the “fact” that their tooling on that model’s fairing is antiquated and wasn’t intended to be used for the volume of sales that the FLTR’s have been generating.

This seemed like a rather lame excuse to many in the ‘Glide’ riding community given how quickly new tooling can be executed and there were whispers of a marketing ploy. 

So, jumping aboard the speculation train… I recently received this photo of what appears to be a pre-production 2015 Road Glide fairing.  It provides some insight into what’s planned for the model when it gets re-released in 2015.

The fairing showed up on eBay for a day then was quickly deleted.  The speculation is the fairing was stolen by an employee of the Harley-Davidson vendor responsible for making the fairing.  Nobody has facts, just speculation. 

I would argue that it looks to be on track to what we would expect from Harley-Davidson given the cut out for the 6.5-inch color touch screen.

What do you think?  It’s an internet concocted rumor or hints of what’s to come?

UPDATE:  July 8, 2014 – “Official” spy photos of the 2015 Road Glide are HERE.

UPDATED: August 1, 2014 – Harley-Davidson officially reveals the 2015 Road Glide.

Photo courtesy of RoadGlide.com

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