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2010 Buell Blast

2010 Buell Blast

The public has been manipulated so many times, that when something extraordinary happens and becomes instantly viral in our networked world, many people cross their arms and say – “not real!”

They say the public is cynical.  Who’d blame them?  What with the Borat and Eminem “butt kiss” at the MTV awards show — it was all for ratings.  It seems everything is about seeing misfits behave in the midst of other misfits.  Once upon a time we respected honesty.  To truly make it these days, you’ve got to be honest, you’ve got to have the goods and talent too otherwise you’re just another “scammer” trying to make a buck.

Speaking of honesty, Eric Buell (Buell Motorcycle Co.) is not some faux character in a vague reality TV script.  He’s the real deal and shoots straight about the Buell Blast.  Yes, it’s a piece of crap “sport bike”.  Not his words.  Sure, Eric comes off with ‘tude as if completely independent, not beholden to the parent company (Harley-Davidson), but he does what everyone would like to do — trash compact/compress that little nerdy Buell Blast into oblivion!

The 2010 Buell Blast introduction video is HERE.

The video works because it’s a “first”. Well actually I am pretty sure that it isn’t – but that’s not important as long as it’s perceived as a novel idea.  Kudo’s to the marketing dudes.  The video contains a bit of a mystery. Something that wants to be solved. Curiosity sets in and you wonder if this is a hoax or a real video.  There’s always both the message (the actual video) and the meta-discussions of the message (is this real/stupid/too much?) to drive people to share and view your content. As the buzz grows, people will join only to see what others are talking about – this is when the crowd mentality kicks in.

It’s a battle over clever stuff and this was good product marketing on the failure to convert the non-riding public into Buell owners!

UPDATE:  September 17, 2009 — I neglected to mention that back in March Buell retained Crispin Porter + Bogusky as its new advertising agency of record. The advertising account was previously handled by Laughlin Constable.  This was some good work Alex (Bogusky).   Congrats!

Photo courtesy of Buell.

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