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I’m talking 49th parallel, don’t cha know.  Better known as the great white north…. Canada, eh!

I’ll be off line riding for several days and comments will be delayed as I schlep the Harley toward Calgary, you hoser.   I’ve socked some away for a brewski and traffic fines as we try and navigate speeds (1 MPH = 1.61 KPH) and the unusual road rules!  For example did you know it’s illegal to take photos of the RCMP?  One of those interesting “learning’s” from my trip in ‘05 while cruising the Jasper Range on “Barney” the ‘ol Metallic Violet Fatboy.

Our group was pulled over for passing two RV’s who were traveling on the shoulder of the road, up a hill, spewing clouds of diesel smoke and trying to make 30km/h in a 80km/h zone.  Sure our tires crossed over the double yellow!  It was by design as we wanted to give the RV’s plenty of space and there was no on-coming traffic…except way off in the distance a RCMP mounty… who with keen eyes noted our infraction and performed a perfectly executed Starsky & Hutch 4-tire screeching U-turn… as if we were Canada’s Most Wanted.

Barney_CAAdding more insult, the Rodney Rude hoser was insensitive to us foreigners and most dismissive of any explanation.  It was as if simply taking a ride on a too-sunny day meant we had to prove that we were entitled to any civil rights!  Yeah, the RCMP “acted stupidly” and it was a clear case of motorcycle profiling, but we didn’t have the Canadian supreme commander shine a spotlight on the incident!  In fact, the mounty never once smiled which explains the rise in public complaints.

We took our tickets and white working-class motorcycles and motored on, but I was thinking, how appropriate is that Canadian colloquialism of “Harsh my Mellow”… eh!

Look for posts about this trip in about a week… ride safe.

RCMP photo courtesy Edmonton Journal. No disrespect implied or intended with use of CANspeak.

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