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DK_27Maybe you gained a few pounds drinking beer and waiting to take the bike out of winters deep freeze. 

So what do you do when that $32 Harley-Davidson t-shirt doesn’t fit and it no longer provides that ‘dirt bag’ duds menacing look? 

You obtain your Innercity Raiders [I.C.R.] and Deth Killers fashion statement which is a cross of Outlaw Motorcycle Club and Sex Pistols attitude wrapped in imported fabric.

Back in 2002, designers Jenn Dixon and Greg Minnig brought their metal-inspired vision to fashion and specifically to the motorcycle club scene.  Where art imitates life… the brand name (“Raiders and Killers”) were imagined Brooklyn motorcycle gangs locked in never-ending war that played out on clothing.   

Deth_KillersThe press and celebrities ate up the fashion—including small-time guys like David Bowie, U2, Bon Jovi, Matt Daman and others who commissioned the duo to design everything from tour costumes to casual wear.  But like most big acts after making it big they split up and disappeared.

However, they recently have reconciled the irreconcilable and are back in business with a new series of t-shirts to tell another story.  One where the Deth Killers are waging faux war for what’s left of the city.  Only 2,000 of each shirt are being made, to be sold in special packages that include trading cards, bubble gum, a bandanna, and a poster.  T-shirt price?  $125, which nowadays means you’ll be cashless while strutting your stuff.  And in case you were wondering: They’re “made on earth, of imported fabric.”

Brings a whole new meaning to ‘cool enough to wear when off the bike.’  Oh yeah, this is breaking news on the stuff that matters!

Photo courtesy of DethKillers.com, Lucky Lawler and Elissa Wiehn.

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