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blog_infoToday is somewhat memorable as the Northwest Harley Blog hit 200,235 total views.  This is in large part thanks to all of you around the world for your daily support, participation and classy comments.  I appreciate your readership and I thank you.  I want to acknowledge the positive contributions and high degree of intelligence shown in most all comments.  I also want to thank the many bloggers who helped expand readership by placing incoming links to this blog.

Clearly the blog is not a commercial venture.  I don’t care much about people trying to sell me things and I’ve declined multiple requests to run advertisements.  The site is a “hobby” and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the audience growth.  For example it took 13 months to hit the first 100K views and less than 5 months later to double it.  I’m not sure why, but that makes me smile.  This growth rate is not sustainable without more resources and candidly I have a day job which takes up a lot of my time.  The visit numbers will be whatever they will be…because statistics do not drive my posts.

However you may find it interesting, as I did, to know which are the top posts that people visit on the site.  The stats in the above graphic indicate the highest level of readership coming from outlaw motorcycle “club” posts.  I suppose that’s the power of “train-wreck” value as I can’t make sense of our culture.   The internet allows the word (anything “craptastic“) to spread instantly, far and wide, to essentially everybody.

In this largely phony world there are few honest filters out there and I feel quality is king! 

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