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President Obama Harley-Davidson Power V 

President Obama Harley-Davidson Power V

I blogged previously on the inauguration and the role of Harley-Davidson motorcycles HERE. As a recap the motorcycles are part of the famous “Power V”, a v-formation that leads the inaugural parade through the streets of Washington, D.C. as folks from around the world watch. 

The bikes are 2009 FLHTP Electra Glides with oversized 103 cu in motors and are the lead bikes in the 50 motorcycle inaugural parade. 

obama_pwrv_highThe bikes are used exclusively for escort and security duty in the DC Metro Police department.

The photos show D.C. policeman Lt. Guy Middleton who led the motorcade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Photos courtesy of CNN.com LIVE

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44That’s the number of times we’ve witnessed a peaceful transfer of power from one person to another in the oval office.  Thirty-seven of those times were by re-election.

As the nation watches (in my case streaming media on CNN.com) the first African American to hold the highest elected office swear in — I want to say thank you and farewell to President George W. Bush.  Last week he provided a farewell to the nation, but most folks didn’t pay attention. The ADD newscasts barely provided him time for his first words…they couldn’t wait to cut away when he finished 13 minutes later. It was a busy news day with the unexpected: a jet gliding to a stop in the middle of the Hudson River, with everyone emerging safe. The departure of President Bush, by contrast, had faded from the world’s mental image some time ago.

This blog is not a right-wing spin machine trying to prop up Bush’s reputation on his final days. I would acknowledge that many mistakes were made and would also point out that he was the most unfairly vilified President that I can recall……and far from the worst President as many have described him.  I’m sure there are many “voices” out there who plan to enlighten us with “Obama is so AWESOME” comments and he may well be.  That’s not my point.

It’s so easy to be cynical in times like these. I submit that everyone seems to like/dislike one party or the other based on their worldview- but I would argue that both parties have contributed/will contribute to a worsening of whatever crisis the country is in.  Everyone knows it takes bipartisan work to do more good than bad.  And rarely in the complex world we live does a centralized form of action (like DC) do anything – but, today I’m hopeful they won’t make things worse!

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