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riding_happyIt’s been a roller coaster of a year. Full of accomplishments, but also a collision with the economic crisis has left many of us feeling cautious, nervous, and frustrated.

When I was younger there was little emphasis placed on making New Year resolutions. Resolution taking wasn’t actively encouraged yet as I progressed in years the concept became more interesting to me.  New Year resolutions seem too much about self improvement, attempts to try to change an aspect of oneself that one is not happy with (weight, personality, career etc.).  However, I’ve tended to look at resolutions more from the perspective of how to improve my motorcycle riding year and if I do look back at 2008 rides I review what could have gone better with the trips to improve future adventures.

I know that I’m NOT the only person in this country who’s fed up with what’s happening and have ranted my displeasure.  But, one conclusion I have come to for 2009 is to try and reject more of the negative thoughts that enter my head like mischievous demons.  Sure narrow minded customer service employees simply do not listen to what I’m saying because their bosses only give them 10 seconds to categorize me into the correct enquiry channel – ‘new orders’, ‘complaints’, ‘refunds’, ‘accounts’ etc. Or irritating advertisements for products that no one needs, or are so generic that they simply do not need advertising like electricity or soap.  Yes we have a bunch of clueless bozos steering the ship and corporate gangsters are stealing us blind.  But these situations shouldn’t prevent us from admiring the great things we’ve accomplished over the year in all its wonderful, and occasionally painful, glory.  My hope is that colleagues, family and friends will notice the [blogging] difference. Not only for the first month of 2009, but for the whole year!

In thinking of my motorcycle New Year’s resolutions I want to…

  1. Write more articles on rides and riding.
  2. Write about northwest motorcycle legislation directions.
  3. Ride more even when weather is less than cooperative.
  4. Make some major modifications to the Harley.
  5. Plan another multi-week adventure – and write about it.

What are you thinking about for your New Year’s resolutions?


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