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terminator21All right motorcycle movie fans, here’s your chance to weigh in.   

Since first watching McQueen flea the German’s in The Great Escape I’ve always been intrigued by motorcycle chases.  So, I’ve pulled together this little poll where you can select what you think is the greatest motorcycle chase in movie history?

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couillard_dressRemember Julie Couillard, the woman who never received the Attire 101 memo and exposed a significant portion of her cleavage during the Canadian government swearing-in ceremony at Rideau House?  Her upper torso made all the newspapers. 

Previously I posted about Ms Couillard’s arrangement with Stéphane Sirois (Hells Angels) and how resolutely she brought down Maxime Bernier (Minister of Foreign Affairs) after he left secret government documents pertaining to Afghanistan in her apartment HERE.

Anyway the former “biker chick” moved on with her life.  Like many stiletto and Louis Vuitton wearing women before her she cashed in on the notoriety and published a tell-all memoir/book about her affair with the disgraced Mr. Bernier.  She secured a job at a Montreal radio station, and obtained invites to the so-called A-list parties to fill those long, cold nights.

julie_couillardAfter fading from the spotlight she has now decided to sell the provocative blue dress.  Yes, the same dress she was wearing as Maxim Bernier’s “date” (photo above) during the Conservative government’s swearing-in ceremony.  In the fashion industry this event has to be second only to the Lewinsky blue dress!  What is it about blue anyway?

I have no insight into motivation, but Ms Couillard’s new cause is a fashion show in the name of epilepsy.  It’s been reported that at the age of 12 Ms Couillard was diagnosed with epilepsy.  I’m no fashion expert, but it’s safe to assume the dress will sell for more than she paid for it and what great way to draw attention to herself (again), if that is her intention, and auctioning the dress off for a good cause.  Despite my opinion, what a stroke of genius it was donning that dress for her boyfriend’s swearing-in ceremony.  A brilliant marketing move on her part.  I can’t say that I blame her for exploiting her Outlaw Motorcycle “Club” relationships, her love affair with Bernier and others for fame and fortune. 

Is publicity a much too valuable commodity to be wasted on wannabes?

UPDATE: April 29, 2009 – Ms Couillard’s dress is auctioned for over $1000.

Photo courtesy Macleans.  A very detailed overview of Ms Couillard’s book is HERE.

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hd_stockWe all know that winter places an icy grip on motorcycle purchases and often chills sales.   It’s just a slow time even in a good year let alone during the “mother” of all financial deep freezes.

But, along comes a motorcycle sales concept that I don’t understand.  Buy any 2009 Harley-Davidson motorcycle from Chaz Hastings Milwaukee dealer and they’ll give you 50 shares of HOG.  At today’s market price you could convert it (before taxes and fees) into $812.00.  If you buy a 2008 model you’ll receive 100 shares!  Will this promo really increase motorcycle sales?

A sales promotion attaching a manufactured product to its stock with a financial meltdown makes no sense?!  Harley stock has lost more than 60% of its value (like most stocks!) in the last 3 months.  It might be a good buy if you can predict when things will turn around, but the financial news has been downright depressing and looks to continue.  News on any given day is “bail-out de jure”.  I would think Harley would want to distance themselves from topics that remind customers of just how bad the financial market is and stick to exploiting the bad boy or naughty vs. nice image.

Free is free, but why the dealer wouldn’t offer up a year of free fuel or any number of other worthwhile promo’s (free motels, free fly-n-ride, interest rate buy down, free 110cu in kit, free clothing, Toy Run donations, etc.) which help reinforce motorcycle riding rather than “drive-by” broker management…defies logic in my view.

Disclosure: the author owns no HOG.

Stock certificate courtesy of HD


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