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g20_summitOn Monday (December 8th) the Wall Street Journal reported that Merrill Lynch CEO, Jeff Thain requested a $10M bonus. 

I was speechless!

Mr. Thain believes he deserved this bonus for “holding-the-loss-line” at Merrill to a staggering $11.67 BILLION melt down and then astutely arranging the pennies-on-the-dollar sale to Bank of America.  Sheez, I could have done that with one eye closed and never do balance my check book!

Jeff Thain

Jeff Thain

Being ever so “wise” and picking up on the backlash “buzz” he announced the very next day a sudden humbleness-change-of-mind (do you think the public anger and condemnation helped?) and retracted the request for this $10M taxpayer subsidized bonus!  Has Mr. Thain ever once put his (mis)management and chicanery into human terms?  We don’t need to be an economist to understand the games.

It’s getting harder and harder to underestimate the executive management intelligence in the financial/banking sector.

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indian_buttonsOn Christmas day the Paramount Pictures movie starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett opens.  Called “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” it’s a story adapted from the 1920’s story by Scott Fitzgerald about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backward.  Looks interesting.

There are a couple of motorcycles in the movie…at least from what I can view in the trailers.  One is a Triumph Twin (Blue) and the other is a Flathead Indian (Red).  Harley was unable to obtain a product placement in this episodic period film (starts at the end of WWI) which will clearly attract worldwide attention.  Why? Very odd.  The entire film is played in flashback manner and I’m thinking that Harley would like to be transported back in time to change the motorcycle props.

It’s been reported that Pitt’s “ol lady”, Angelina Jolie will give him a new motorcycle for his 45th birthday.  According to entertainment news it’s a new Ducati (Monster 1100S)!  The S model features 43mm titanium nitride-coated Ohlins forks.  I wonder if she thought to buy the DDA (Ducati Data Analyzer) accessory?  All top tier movie stars riding the busy streets of Hollywood need to record their riding data and analyze it while sipping refreshments on N. Rodeo Dr.

Photo’s courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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