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buell_outlineIf you follow any of the recall news you’d think not much is being made correctly these days.  No exception on the motorcycle front as there have been a number of recalls in the past week.  Most notable is Buell recalling 624 units of its ’08-’09 XB12XT and ’09 XB12XP motorcycles. The windshields could become loose, dislodge and either strike or distract the rider while the vehicle is being ridden.  Dealers are removing the windshield’s rubber mounted nuts and installing two new fastener assemblies.

Buell is also recalling 140 units of its ’09 1125CR motorcycle. These motorcycles have had a premature failure of the rear cylinder cam chain tension guide. This failure can cause plastic debris to block the oil pump screen, and lead to oil starvation and an engine seizure. That in-turn could lead to a rear wheel lock-up. Dealers are replacing the rear cam chain tensioner. The tension guides were manufactured in Austria.

You may remember that last June, Buell recalled 1,579 units of the 1125R because of 5th gear galling on the clutch shaft due to lack of lubrication that might result in the gear to seize to the shaft and result in a rear wheel lock-up.

Check Buell recall information HERE.

Photo courtesy of Buell web site.

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