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east_orlando_hdIt seems the state of Florida (chads, recounts, etc.,) throws a curveball during election years and yesterday was no exception. 

When voters arrived at Precinct 448 they lined up at the East Orlando HD dealer to cast their vote.  What?  I’ve been to this dealer and it’s a class act.  But I can now visualize a new marketing campaign in Harley’s future… SPECIAL: Oil changes while you vote

How could this happen?  It turns out that the Jessica Lunsford Act (aka “Jessica’s Law“) which was put in place three years ago to keep sex offenders and predators away from schools (where many voting precintcts are located) sent the Orange County elections office into a scramble to find alternative voting locations.  The HD dealer centralized location made for the perfect voting precinct and satisfied Jessica’s Law requirements.

WFTV Channel 9 reported that one voter stated…

” I thought it was kind of strange, then thought maybe I should buy a bike while I’m here.”

That’s a HD marketers dream come true and hat’s off to Harley who committed space for an important civic function.

Photo courtesy East Orlando HD.

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