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It’s a major anniversary year and the Northwest started the 105th Anniversary celebration today at Paradise HD in the form of a Luau!

As Portland’s only starting point for the “Ride Home”, Paradise HD combined a 105th celebration with their annual Luau party.  A luau is a Hawaiian feast and it typically features food, poi, kalua pig, poke, beer and some entertainment.

I did a drive-by and enjoyed the “HOG”, the luau show, the beer garden and watching bikers (mostly male) compete to be first in line for the bikini bike wash.  In talking with one of the staff they estimated more than 1500 people managed to cycle through the place for some food.  The day wouldn’t be complete without “colors” and a number of Brother Speed M/C members spent much of the afternoon milling around and enjoying the celebration.

Most notible was the high 80’s and Florida like humidity which is not often seen in the Northwest, but the aroma of food, the hula dancers and Ukulele sounds brought back memories of being in the islands rather than Oregon.  

Hat’s off to the crew at Paradise HD for pulling together a great afternoon!

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