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I’m not sure what it is, but sooner or later someone always asks… “Have you been to Sturgis”?  Like some kind of trick question and if answered NO then I’m not a “real” biker until passing this riding test through South Dakota in August.  

The answer is YES, I’ve been to Sturgis.  Twice actually in the past 5 years.  And yes, I rode mine both times…got the t-shirt and patch!  I rode out last year (2007) with a larger group of ten and back in 2002 with a group of five.  There is upside and downside to larger groups, but I suggest you try both before passing any judgment. We experienced rain, a snow storm (August, remember!) through Yellowstone and blazing heat in the Idaho panhandle.  The trips were not without minor incidents as you can’t control what happens on the road, but both journeys were successful.

It’s less than a month away for the 68th Rally.  Interestingly the Sturgis Motorcycle RallyTM has been trademarked.  It’s always about monetization and brand these days so, why am I surprise with that action?  Sturgis is not on my riding schedule this year, but I am headed for the 105th Anniversary festivities in Milwaukee and our route will take us either North or South of Rapid City/Sturgis.  Having lived years ago at the Stanley R. Mickelson Safeguard complex in Nekoma, North Dakota (the only operational antiballistic missile system ever deployed by the U.S.), it’s been a long, long time since I’ve motored East beyond the Red River in Grand Forks, ND. 

We’ll have plenty of time to reach Milwaukee and plan to take some detours and visit a town or two we wouldn’t normally visit.  I haven’t decided yet how best to capture the journey (photo blog or video snippets), but either way it should be a great trip.

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