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One year later…I realized this morning I’ve been writing this blog a full year. I looked back in the archives, and my first blog was posted on July 2, 2007.  I suppose I should throw some confetti, twirl a sparkler or do something and mark the occasion?

Reflecting for a moment, I’m pleased that I fulfilled my commitment to write the blog (on a somewhat consistent basis) for a year. In full disclosure mode, I make no money from this blog.  It’s a hobby and I like helping, learning and passing on information. 

In addition, I’ve learned that writing a blog is work.  If it was just a web site to update once or twice a month and add a new page that would be good enough, but a blog requires that you moderate comments while keeping up with the conversation and always pumping out content relevant to the scheme and events.

I don’t know how long I’ll continue.  I suppose as long as I feel like it or have time.  I’ve appreciated how other bikers from all corners of the globe happen onto my blog, and share similar motorcycle experiences and useful information. Of course I’ve seen my share of “trolls” who seem to get satisfaction out of online harassment which is the unpleasant part of this culture.

There are many ways to measure success of a blog.  The chart (left) and stats below indicate I’ve obtained moderate interest as compared to “hired guns”  or high profile journalists at other sites.  I’m okay with the results because I work to publish quality material and I enunciate my conclusions.  I work to find/highlight quoted material, images and provide attribution links to other sites/authors so anyone can form their own viewpoint.  The top posts on the site indicate a lot of interest in outlaw motorcycle gangs.  That is disappointing…a number of my posts (in my viewpoint) were much better, but I do understand how drama attracts.


50,463 Total Views

123 Posts


Top Posts

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Harley Cross Bones Introduction, 2,073 views

Top Searches

SONS OF ANARCHY,  Billy lane,  mongols mc

Most Active

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Flying Colors in Oregon, 453 views

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Harley Engine History, 126 views

Again thank you all who have stopped by and read/commented on my blog.

Photo is a reflection of me taking a photo of Mt. Saint Helens.

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