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I don’t know if I’m feeling lost and listless due to the foul weather or that we’re without the Seacrest, Randy and gang for several  months opening up Tuesday nights to a new set of Discovery OCC/American Chopper re-runs?

The fact that two nights ago Amanda Overmeyer, the tattoo laden, biker, rocker, nurse, on American Idol sang her last “Idol” song with the troupe means the world of motorcycles will never be the same!  The Biker ‘hot-rod’ was booted off the show after making it to the top twelve women and seeing her perform again on Wednesday night only brought on more emotional outcry of the bias in American Idol fans about bikers.  Nursing might fill her days, but the gothic stylized Amanda is the “real deal”…she stands out in a crowd and even made Simon Cowell cower. 

Eight days short of June and we’ve seen a 4 day temperature swing of forty degrees (55-95-55)!  Today its even cooler with a high of 52 degrees and rain.  I guess bikers and Amanda fans have a couple choices and that is to watch the TV weatherman to see which of the Presidential candidates “blows”…or download the Idol “countdown” widget for next season.

Photo of Amanda courtesy of American Idol.

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Every time a U.S. President wants to demonstrate the benefits of free-trade, they hold up poster child Harley-Davidson, who was yanked from the Japanese jaws of death and a shrine for the ever faithful.

Today was no exception as Bush stumped on global trade and discussed how it “mostly helps” American workers during his speech on the Columbian Trade Agreement.  

The Wisconsin 6th District Congressman Petri was in attendance because he believes that Harley’s are a product that people around the world ought to be able to drive by making it more affordable.

Then pointing to the Motorcycle on the South lawn – Bush stated;

“…that motorcycle right there — 20 percent more expensive in Colombia, 8 percent more in Korea, and 15 percent more in Panama.  And so the purpose of a trade agreement is to reduce those tariffs; is to make the products less expensive.” He continued with “So if we get the deal done with Colombia, that motorcycle will be $4,000 less expensive,” Bush said. “The great quality of Harley will be the same. There will be no diminution of how cool one is when they drive a Harley. (Laughter.) But it’s going to be easier for somebody to buy it.” 

In his second year serving on the Bush appointed International Trade Advisory Board, Harley’s CEO Jim Ziemer must be feeling pretty special that his company is sharing the international presence spotlight!  All of this is like a perfect storm…Harley announced plans to reach out to customer groups that were not its traditional fans – women, young people, and minorities along with a shift from “pull” to “push” marketing. 

I would anticipate that South America has just as many mid-life testosterone driven, on their 3rd marriage buyers as the U.S. so why not push a policy of price parity?


Bush touring York, PA plant courtesy of USA Today – Eileen Blaas.

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