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An award is something given to a person or a group of people to recognize excellence in a certain field.  In the motorbike industry it’s the Motorcycle Bloggers International time for the OSCAR’s

You can call it culling the herd or an unnatural selection process, but it’s time for you to nominate and then chuckle at “what were they thinking”? Go HERE to nominate your choice in each of the twelve categories:

  1. Best Concept Motorcycle
  2. Best Mfg’s Website
  3. Best New Motorcycle
  4. Best New Scooter
  5. Most Disappointing New Motorcycle
  6. Most Environmentally Friendly Motorcycle
  7. Object of Lust
  8. Thumbs Down
  9. Thumbs Up
  10. Wish We’d Thought of That
  11. Women Riders Booster of the Year
  12. Worst Mfg Website

Your active participation is much appreciated.

The OSCAR statuette image courtesy ABC.com

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