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santa_hdEver wonder where Santa goes after delivering all those gifts?


Well here is a little ecard courtesy of Bikersvision that provides a “Christmas Carol” clue.



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hd_ornamentsJust days before Christmas and in a bit of a panic for some last minute gift ideas?  

Well just in time here are a couple of ideas.  For the more traditional there are tree decorating ornaments on the Harley Davidson site. 

Or for the Harley children there is this cool Kid Craft Softail rocker.  It was inspired by the Softail Deuce and has a leatherette seat, plus a sculpted and chromed front fork to support the handlebar.

kidcraftTo keep kids safe, the bike is anchored securely on solid wood anti-tip rockers to prevent accidental tipping.

But for the selective few and to help bring happiness to those cold, wet and dreary days of winter when the bike is relegated to the garage, yet you need to start and charge the battery…there is the perfect gift that will complete your savvy maintenance skills and “satisfy” your biker babe who wants it all. 

It’s difficult to explain, but here’s a video of the “Vibe Rider”. It brings new meaning to the statement; “Could we just take the long way round”?  

Enjoy watching although it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy it as much as these ladies enjoyed the Vibe Rider contest! 

Caution – If trying this at home, loud pipes will wake the neighbors and it’s strongly suggested to open the garage door every 5-10 min’s to avoid exhaust fume build up.

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santa_badIt’s that time of year and I find myself mumbling songs like “Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause……rumbling down the lane”. 

Or that other holiday tradition… “He knows if you’ve been bad or good…” so be naughty and saran-wrapped for goodness sake!

Something like that I think.  Being bad for badness sake?!

I’m having serious riding withdrawals.  The conditions have been wet, cold during the day (40’s) and lots of debris from gravel to tree branches on the roads.

At this point I welcome the snow because it would be a sign that winter is here and that spring can’t be too far in the future!  So, I’ve had to resort to watching YouTube videos of biker events and finding eclectic information for the posse.

First off for your pleasure is this Harley Davidson bad-to-the-bone Santa video.  Throwing that “fresh” meat covered bone to the dog is classic!

naughty_listAnd then there’s this: Jesse James, a distant relative of the outlaw from the 1880s and of West Coast Chopper fame  recently opened a healthy food diner called Cisco Burger, named for his one-toothed pit bull, whose portraits adorn the walls of the restaurant. The Burger joint is inside the James’ “compound” of metalworker’s dreams.

Lastly is an exerpt from the Hell Ride wiki: Hell Ride is a feature film from Larry Bishop being released under the “Quentin Tarantino Presents” banner.

jessie_cisco_burgerThe film promises to be a blood and sex-soaked tale of motorcycle revenge and retribution. Sounds like Pulp Fiction meets Wild Hogs and with the bike riding legend Dennis Hopper (as Eddie “Scratch” Zero) to star as members of the satanic biker gang the 666ersit should be a good one.

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hal_kittyAdvertised as Oregon’s New Motorcycle Showcase & Powersports Expo. The first ever International Motorcycle show in Portland at the Expo Center.    

Driving I-5 in great anticipation of the biker buzz with snowflakes: $6 — Private parking in the Expo lot with 9 others: $7 — Expo tickets to the “best of the best” show case: $8 — Getting ripped off by the show producers: “priceless”!!!  

What a disappointing biker fix.  The first shock was the size of the event. The entire display was contained to the approx size of a Hotel lobby or the size of a local BurgerVille.  I’d be surprised if the total bike count was 50 of which half were dirt bikes.  Not a single 2008 Harley model to drool over.  Not one Biker Babe (excluding the one I took of course!) for a photo opt.  

triumphIf not for Bob Lanphere’s Beaverton Honda and BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon there would have been NO “new” bikes so, providing a shout out to those teams for the efforts/support.  And choppers with custom paint, 2000 miles and will sell “as-is” stickers don’t equal to NEW in my vernacular! 

The Portland Motorcycle Show was produced by Kinsey-Wilson Enterprises, Inc.,   Their press release hails them as the leading producer of motorcycle, hot rod and custom car shows in the Northwest and recruiting and showcasing the “Best of the Best” from across the country ….excuse me while I gag!  I would have demanded my money back, but there were motorcycles in the building…. 

To: Mr. Jason Wilson (partner in Kinsey-Wilson Enterprises) – dude we got ripped off and it will be a very long time before I ever think about attending an event with the name Kensey-Wilson Enterprises.

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What do you do on a winter day in Oregon?  Well it’s been way too cold and with hurricane winds blowing and power outages, riding a motorcycle would be for only the hard core.  

I’m not a hard core biker. It’s not my primary mode of transportation or my all weather vehicle.  I don’t ride when there is a chance for ice on the roads or if the local news show streaming mini-rivers on the suburban streets. It’s been a few weeks since I last rode and I’m feeling withdrawals. But I wanted to be positive and thought I’d start this list of “The Good Things About Winter for Bikers”: 

  • Make a list of things you’d like to accessorize on your bike this spring.

  • Dust off your bike with some expensive spray whiz stuff that absorbs dirt.

  • Plug-in and un-plug your battery tender to double check its working.

  • Surf the owners manual for some esoteric data point to lay on your buddies at the next rally.

  • Sweep the leaves from around your bike in the garage.

  • Buy a DVD player, attach it to the Garage TV and watch biker movies while sitt’n on the Harley.

  • Hang that 6×6 flag you bought in Street Vibrations to up level your garage art.

  • Read biker blogs and research Goth-Mennonite cross over biker events.

  • Scrub the want ads in the local paper and rant about the prices people want for used bikes.

  • Grab a TV tray and set up a “sig-other” dinning event in the garage to tally the number of non-chrome bolts which need to be replaced.

  • Buy a BBB (Biker Babe Bikini) calendar and flip through the winter months to get you through those dark days of winter.

 Now it’s your turn.  Any additions to the list?

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